Easy spring cleaning tips for your replacement windows

April 7, 2014



Cleaning Tips For Your Replacement Windows - Clera Windows + Doors

Cleaning windows is not the easiest of all the household chores. However, a clear window ensures that the view from your home isn’t obstructed by dirt and dust. Over time, particles are carried by rain, snow, and wind and deposited on the sides of homes and buildings. The features found on new replacement windows can make cleaning easier, especially once you know the tips.

First, choose a day with good weather before you start to clean. Remember that once you’ve removed the panel, the weather can come into your home. A gentle rain can quickly turn heavy. The wind may sweep rain or other debris from outdoors into your home. Check the weather forecast for a good day to spring clean and let some fresh air into the home.

Window maintenance

Through the seasons, mesh screens will collect a lot of dirt. When cleaning windows, it’s advisable to also remove the screen from its window frame. Use a soft-bristled brush and warm soapy water to remove the dirt. Do not use too much soap as residue that remains after rinsing will only help dust stick to the mesh.

It’s best to find a flat surface to clean the mesh, but check with local by-laws for any rules on the disposal of run-off from cleaning. The rules are usually there for hand washing cars on the driveway, but they may also apply in other ways. Do remember to handle the aluminum frame of the screen carefully as it’s easily bent and may not fit back into the window frame if badly out of shape

How to clean the sashes

Many double and single hung windows come with tilt-in sashes.  To clean the exterior pane of glass, simply unlock the sash and release the latches which keep it in the vertical plane.  You will then be able to tilt the panel in toward the interior of the house so that you can easily access the outside glass surface for cleaning. Having someone there for assistance is useful, as they can hold the sash in place while you clean it.  Moreover, a helping hand will ensure that you will be able to properly close and lock the window, which is important for the safety of your home.

Double and single hung windows without a tilt-in feature need to be lifted out of the frame for cleaning.  Again, having someone there to help is useful, since these sashes can be heavy and awkward to remove and reinstall.

Casement windows are also easy to clean.  Simply unlock the window and crank it open to the point where you can get your hand between the hinge side of the frame and the sash, then reach through and clean the exterior pane of glass.

Return the windows after cleaning to their proper position and check to see that they function normally.  This is important because an unlocked window is an invitation to unwanted guests and could be dangerous if blown open.

It’s also a good idea to clean window tracks of debris and grime buildup and to lubricate hardware with a few drops of lubricating oil or a product like WD40.  Don’t overdo it- a few drops go a long way.

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