Is a Wood Door the Right Choice for You?

June 29, 2019



Is A Wood Door The Right Choice For You - Clera Windows + Doors

It’s easy to get overwhelmed when trying to figure out what new front door style you want to get when replacing your old one. There’s plenty of looks, colour and materials to choose from. When you start looking in wooden doors it can feel like you are left with more questions than answers. How do you know if a wood door is right for your home? Are they safe? What are the disadvantages of having a wood door?

Don’t you worry! We’ve broken down everything you need to know about wood doors for you so you can stop wandering the internet for the answers that you’re looking for.

What to Consider Before Making a Purchase

Wood doors seem to have a certain appeal to them that other door styles can’t seem to match. Their rich sense of character and natural beauty can make any front entrance a statement of your home. While exterior wood doors are a popular choice among homeowners since they can be customized to fit whatever preferences you may have, it is important to know whether or not your home is best suited for one.

The most important thing to consider is if it would be protected from the rain, sun and other weather. The elements can play a massive role in escalating the deterioration of a wood entry door. Having a covered entryway is the most effective way to protect your new wood replacement door and contribute to its longer lifespan. For the best results, a roof should project outwards at least half the height of the wood door, including its sill and any windows. This means that if the roof is ten feet above the entry door’s landing, then the roof should project around five feet outwards. Additionally, the width of the roof should extend wider than the door by a quarter of the door’s width on either side.

Similarly, if a wood entry door is exposed to sunlight for more than four hours a day. This will fast track your wood replacement door to quickly lose its looks.

No matter what elements your wood entry door might be exposed to, they will need to have routine care in order to keep up their appearances and overall integrity. Wood doors that have are clear-coated will need to be recoated every year or two. For painted ones, you will need to apply a fresh coat of paint every five to six years.

What To Consider Before Making A Purchase - Clera Windows + Doors

Benefits of a Wood Door

There are numerous benefits to choosing a wood entry door, from aesthetics to safety features.

When it comes to the look of your wood replacement door, you have an abundance of options for its look and feel. There is a variety of options to choose from when picking which material you want; from rustic knotty pine to modern teak or traditional oak, there will surely be something that fits exactly what you’re looking for.

You can customize every aspect if you desire including the door panels, moulding, windows and any other special features you might want. The flexibility of the material allows you to have it trimmed to fit a specific doorway or any size opening. Complete your customization with a stain finish or paint colour of your choosing.

Don’t let their pretty exterior fool you though, wood entry doors are also extremely durable and can are the least likely door type to dent, with scratches being extremely easy to repair. Built from either solid wood or featuring a solid engineered wood core, which provides exceptional durability and insulation. It is a common misconception that wood doors are easier to break through than other kinds like fibreglass or steel. This is not the case, as the door isn’t usually the problem but the latch-side jamb. Installing an extra-long security strike plate will ensure your entry door’s safety.

Some more added bonuses of wood doors are that they can also help reduce your energy costs and the amount of noise you hear from outside.

What to Know About Wood Doors

While wood front doors have many appealing factors and benefits, there are also some important considerations to take into account when deciding is a wood replacement door is right for you.

We have already mentioned that there is a lot of upkeep in the investment of installing a wood replacement door. They require regular care and maintenance in order to keep them performing at their peak and looking their best including refinishing, resealing and routine upgrades.

They require to be sealed either before or immediately after installation. If this crucial step is skipped, wood doors may absorb moisture, which could make them swell or warp over time. They’ll need to be resealed every couple of years similarly to touching up their stain or paint.

Since wood doors are undoubtedly made from a heavier material than other door styles, there is a possibility that they will sag with age. However, this problem can be fixed and prevented with routine maintenance to update older hardware and the frame. Any warping or sagging can result in the door’s air-sealing capabilities malfunctioning, but can be avoided with the care required.

Due to these concerns, you may have to replace wood entry doors more often than door styles made from fibreglass or steel, which can be a relatively expensive endeavour.

If you are looking for all the visual benefits of a wood door but with the added durability of modern materials, check out our range of wood finish vinyl doors. Whatever style you are after, Clera Windows + Doors has just what you’re looking for! Contact us today and let our expert consultants help you find the right door style for you and your home.

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