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January 11, 2022



Farmhouse Makeover - Clera Windows + Doors

Homeowners Olivia Colacci and Gareth Haynes knew that renovating their 150-year-old property in Prince Edward County would take a lot of TLC, but they could see its potential with the help of Clera Windows + Doors.

Sit down with us as we discuss with Olivia her home renovation project from start to finish – from identifying the major must-haves including increasing natural light, to how they utilized customizable windows and doors in their design, to the advice they wish to pass on to other homeowners looking to take on similar projects.

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Meet Olivia & Gareth - Clera Windows + Doors

Meet Olivia & Gareth

Olivia Colacci and Gareth Haynes are customers of Clera Windows + Doors and the proud owners of the charming, newly-renovated, 150-year-old property called The Hunt House.

Located in Prince Edward County, The Hunt House is a rentable farmhouse, surrounded by two sprawling acres of land. This is a special place where guests can unwind and enjoy luxurious county living. Before this dream home was actualized, it started with a spark of creativity and desire to share the wonder of countryside living with others.

It can be said that such a vision magnetizes the right people to come together. This is exactly what happened when Olivia and Gareth found Clera Windows + Doors, thanks to the recommendation of a friend — this was the beginning of a fruitful partnership.

“For me, the design process starts with lighting, and the windows were a huge part of that… This lighting is what’s going to make the feel of your house completely different.” – Olivia Colacci, Homeowner

Olivia and Gareth were first-time renovators, faced with a lot of questions. Now, as proud owners of a successfully renovated property, they offer their unique perspectives and advice for people who would like to bring their dream home (or dream farmhouse) to life.

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What You Can Expect

Welcome to the Hunt House

This first section of the Farmhouse Makeover guide talks about the beginning of the renovation process, which took place amidst the global pandemic. Olivia also shares the importance of getting the right windows and doors for a successful farmhouse renovation.

Turning a House Into a Home

Turning a house into a home is no overnight task. Olivia and Gareth share that the key to successfully transforming a house is to take it one step at a time. In this section, you will also find vital questions to ask before undertaking a renovation project.

Letting the Light In

Olivia shares how Gareth’s background in hotel maintenance made it possible for him to take on a number of renovation tasks. However, window and door replacement was something they chose to leave to the experts at Clera. Get a glimpse into how high-quality, customized windows can impact a house from the inside out!

Functionality Doesn’t Have to Be Boring

Olivia emphasizes the importance of considering a home’s lighting at the beginning of the design process because lighting impacts the home in tremendous ways. This section also goes into the benefit of lower energy bills and lays out a few tips on choosing the right elements for interior design.

From Country to County

This is ultimately a story of maximizing a home’s potential through smart renovation. The Hunt House originally had four massive 150-year-old wood beams and 20-foot ceilings. There was also a lovely forest view obstructed by a wall. So many improvements were there for the taking. This section details how Olivia and Gareth worked with these key features to bring their dream home to life.

Your Partner in Home Renovations

Olivia details how it’s important to have the right people to work with when it comes to home renovations. She also talks about her experience working with Clera Windows + Doors for the design and installation of doors and windows for the Hunt House.

The Catalogue

Doors and windows are large architectural elements that impact the look and feel of the house. Having the right doors and windows also contributes to your home’s comfort and energy conservation. Whether you’re thinking of a window/door replacement or a more extensive renovation, here is a catalogue of window/door options to inspire you!DOWNLOAD YOUR FREE COPY

Who It’s For

The Farmhouse Makeover guide takes you through Olivia and Gareth’s journey. You’ll get a first-hand glimpse into the questions they asked, the choices they made, and everything in between. You’ll also get a look inside the Hunt House which boasts a harmonious balance of art deco, mid-century modern, and rustic design elements.

Whether you’re looking for inspiration or you need a place to start for actualizing your own renovation goals, this guide is for you.

This downloadable guide is for:

  • Homeowners who have renovation plans or dreams
  • Interior designers
  • Homebuilders
  • Architects


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As a trusted partner in home transformation, we at Clera Windows + Doors celebrate successful home renovations and dream homes brought to life. The Farmhouse Makeover is the first guide in our series where we feature more of Clera’s customers and their homes.

If you’re doing a home makeover, transforming a rental property, and so on, we’re here to celebrate with you. By being featured in our home guides, your project can also be a source of hope for those who are at the beginning of their journey.

If you would like to be included in the next home guide we produce, contact our team for more information!

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