How to Protect Your Windows from Cracking in Extreme Cold

October 24, 2019



Protect Your Windows from Cracking - Clera Windows + Doors

Massive snowdrifts, icy sidewalks, Antarctic-like temperatures… these are all things Canadian winters are famous for. Drastic changes in temperatures can result in the glass of your residential windows and doors in Ottawa cracking.Unfortunately, cracked glass can oftentimes result in replacing your windows entirely. This can be costly and not the most desirable thing to deal with in the middle of our coldest season. So, whatever kind of windows your home may have, from egress windows to picture windows, it is important that they are properly protected from cold Canadian winters so that you don’t have to worry.Keep reading to find out some ways you can prevent window cracks due to cold weather.

How To Protect Your Windows From Cracking - Clera Windows + Doors

Why Do Windows Crack in Cold Temperatures?

There are three main types of glass cracks that your residential windows and doors in Ottawa can be susceptible to; stress cracks, impact breaks, and pressure cracks. Typically, remarkably cold weather can cause thermal stress cracks or pressure cracks in your home’s windows. This particular kind of stress crack usually starts small near the edge of the window, slowly continuing to spread across the glass.The reason for this is due to extreme fluctuations in temperature. For example, if it is a very cold day outside and to compensate you crank up your heating inside in order to stay warm. In both cases, you will likely need to completely replace the windows. For this reason, it is important to do what you can to protect your residential windows and doors in Ottawa from cracking in extreme cold.

Have Your Windows Professionally Inspected

If you are not quite sure what the current state of your windows is, it is a good idea to have them professionally inspected. As previously mentioned, thermal stress cracks start near the edge of windows so if their frames are damaged or poorly made, this can result in breakages in the glass of residential windows and doors in Ottawa.An inspector will also be able to tell you if your home’s windows are properly sealed. Compromised seals will result in wasted energy and higher utility bills for you.If you have damaged or even low-quality windows, the existing integrity of your windows can be compromised. This means that you might be more likely to experience a thermal stress crack due to freezing temperatures.

Choosing Quality Windows

One of the best things you can do to prevent residential windows and doors in Ottawa from suffering from the winter cold is to ensure that you are picking the best quality windows available. We typically recommend nothing less than double-paned replacement windows, which can not only help prevent your windows from cracking in the winter, but they are also more energy-efficient.Additionally, you will also want to have your new replacement windows installed by a professional window installation company. Even if you choose the highest quality windows, they can still crack if they are installed improperly.Whether you are moving into a new home, completing renovations, or just replacing a couple of old windows, making sure that you are choosing high-quality windows from the start can save you time, stress, and money in the long run.

Choosing Quality Windows - Clera Windows + Doors

Weatherize Your Windows

There is a variety of ways that you can winterize residential windows and doors in Ottawa. The two most important steps you can take are caulking and weather stripping.For caulking, remove any old caulk before you apply a new layer. Thoroughly clean and dry the areas you will be applying the caulk so that it adheres better. Make sure that you are using an exterior grade caulk around the external perimeter of your home’s window as that will hold up against cold temperatures and various types of weather.Weather stripping, which is used on the inside of your home, will prevent drafts and cold air from finding its way into your home. You can simply pick up some weather stripping from your local hardware store and apply it around the part of your residential windows and doors in Ottawa that open and close.For a complete guide to weatherizing your home’s windows, you can check out our blog on 10 ways to protect your windows in the winter.

Don’t Forget Your Front Door!

Not only should you make sure you are taking the right precautions to protect your home’s windows, but also any exterior doors. Most residential doors designs in Ottawa have windows built into them. Ensuring that they are also properly weatherized will increase how long your front door should last.

Residential Windows and Doors in Ottawa

Clera Windows + Doors provides high-quality residential windows and doors in Ottawa. We offer a wide selection of window and door styles for you to choose from that are energy-efficient and well-insulated for even the coldest of temperatures.Contact us today to find out how we can properly equip your home to make sure you and your family are warm and toasty this upcoming winter.

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