Financing your windows: take 35 months to pay with 0% interest

January 10, 2013



Financing Your Windows - Clera Windows + Doors

The biggest problem we find our customers face when purchasing new windows is having the money to pay for them. While buying energy efficient windows is one of the best long-term home improvement investments one can make, that does not make it any easier initially. Considering the cost of some of the higher-end models, as well as taking into account the number of windows most people will need to purchase, it does not take long for the money to start adding up. If you are like most people and cannot afford to pay thousands of dollars out of pocket, we have a solution for you.

When you buy your windows from Clera, you have the option to finance your purchase. We provide our customers with a 35 month payment plan with 0% interest; we know having functional windows in one’s home is a necessity. That is why we offer this option. The last thing we want to see is someone turn away due to not being able to afford our products. Here are some of the benefits to financing your purchase.

Why should you finance your windows?

  • 35 manageable monthly payments
  • 0% interest for the term means more money in your pocket
  • You don’t have to wait to get your windows installed

Paying in full for a window replacement service can be very costly. Many people fail to appreciate how much they will need to bring to the table, especially if they live in a house that needs more work. While you can buy windows on a piecemeal basis, it is better to replace all of them if you have the ability to do so. Faulty windows are notorious for increasing utility bills, so the benefit of installing new energy efficient models will not be realized until your house is completely sealed up.

Think of it this way. You can replace 9 out of 10 windows in your home, but if there is still one leaking heat/air, the new devices are not going to be saving you any money. Thus, buying all of them at the same time is essential. The problem with this solution is that it can very well cost you thousands of dollars. Calculating the price is as simple as multiplying the number of windows you need by the cost of each unit. You might not need to finance if purchasing a couple, but this can not be said so easily if you are need of a dozen (which is not uncommon). 35 monthly payments is a much better route to take than paying up front.

What worries most people about financing is the interest that is tacked onto the principal. At Clera, our financing offer provides you with 0% for 35 month period. This means you will not be spending any extra money on your windows. In this economy, saving money is very important. Paying no interest on a purchase such as this is a huge relief. Last but not least, the most important reason to finance is that you will not have to wait to have your windows installed. You start making payments after the job is complete, not before.

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