Sliding Door Options for the Home

September 13, 2013



Sliding Door Options For The Home - Clera Windows + Doors

To separate the living room from the patio, many homes have sliding doors installed. Sliding doors work very well for this type of application because they are durable enough to stand up to harsh weather and other elements. They help maximize space because they require no room for swinging doors. In addition, they come in various designs, so you can easily find one that adds to your home’s character.

Door Style

Not only do sliding doors work well for patios, but they also work well for closets. Sliding doors come in many styles, but for closets, frosted glass and mirror doors are quite common. Frosted glass doors are tempered, making them strong and durable. They are lightweight but sturdy. They also offer a contemporary look that will add character to newer homes. They come in different door colors, including oak and cherry.

Mirror doors are also ideal for closets. They often consist of painted steel doors with a white finish. Although they may not look as glamorous as other types of doors, they are commercial grade, meaning they are known for durability.

Most doors come in two panels, but there are some in six-panel styles as well, offering a classic look to an older home.

Door Material

Most sliding doors are constructed of vinyl steel, painted steel or aluminum for optimal durability. There are also some made of wood, which allow you to paint them as you desire. Composite doors are made of many materials. The one you choose should ideally match the overall décor of your home.


The cost of a sliding door can range dramatically, depending on the material and style. Closet doors – especially mirror and frosted glass doors – tend to cost $500 or more. On the lower end of the priced range, painted steel doors can be found for under $100. However, the majority of sliding doors cost between $250 and $400, so if you’re looking for a decent, mid-range door, that’s the price point you should be looking at if you desire both style and quality in a sliding door.

Get the Perfect Sliding Door for Your Home

There are many types of sliding doors to choose from. Which is the right one to match your home’s style? What purpose should the door serve? Clera Windows and Doors can help you find sliding doors that work best for your home.Contact us today for more information – 1-844-738-7362.

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