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How Bay and Bow Windows Can Increase Your Home’s Value

Installing bay and bow windows are a great way to improve your homes aesthetic and monetary value. There are thousands of styles to choose from, giving you a window that will complement your home and your lifestyle. Bow and bay windows are often found in larger, grander homes, Victorian style for example. One way to improve your Kingston home is with bay and bow windows.

The Difference

People can sometimes confuse bay windows with bow windows. A bow window has four parts that combine in an arc, while bay windows have three parts combined on more of an angle.

Adding Aesthetic Value

If you own a small home, one of the best ways to give the impression of a space that is bigger than it actually is along with a touch of sophistication is by installing bay or bow windows. When you walk by a home with a bay or bow window, you’ll notice it can give the home a modern look. For those who prefer the more classical appeal, bay and bow windows that reflect this style can be purchased and installed. No matter which style you prefer, a bow or bay window can be installed that reflects your taste.

Many people set up their bay and bow windows as a seating area where they can enjoy a book or some leisure time in the sunshine. It provides some extra seating without having to purchase another couch or take up more space in your living room, dining room or any other room in your home.

From the inside, bow and bay windows let in a massive amount of light. They brighten up a dark space, and can let the breeze in, since they often have two windows that can be opened or shut. When the operating windows are facing two directions, you can catch the breeze from either angle.

Adding Monetary Value

Bay and bow windows  can create larger homes. They add to the square footage of your home, especially if you have more than one installed. When you decide to sell your home, this increases the resale value.

Bay and bow windows can also be a great energy saver. Many have ENERGY STAR ratings that can save you up to 10% on your heating bill. This is a great selling point for those who have their homes in the market or are thinking about selling.

If you are trying to think up new ways to add value to your home before you sell it, you can be sure to add value to the look and the resale price by installing bow or bay windows.



  • Avatar for Bonnie Grisham Bonnie Grisham says:

    Can Bay and Bow windows really increase the value of my home??? I am really thinking about getting them because they look very beautiful. And if they will make my home value go up that’s even better. I also like that they make your home appear house is not that big. I sure would like to make it look bigger than it is. I think I will have them installed in my kitchen and living room. These sure are nice looking windows.

    • Avatar for Clera Windows Clera Windows says:

      Yes Bonnie Grisham, Bay and Bow windows can definitely increase the value of your home. They are one of our most popular types of windows. Our customers are highly satisfied with them. My favorite part about them is that they truly do make your home seem bigger than it is. If you own a smaller home, I definitely recommend Bay and Bow windows.

    • Avatar for Rachel Yonkers Rachel Yonkers says:

      Bonnie, I have bay and bow windows and they look great. I don’t think I’ve ever seen better looking windows. These windows are made very well so you don’t have to worry about them cracking or rusting. I say they are definitely worth spending the extra money on.

  • Avatar for Mary D Mary D says:

    I just saw what bay and bow windows looked like…and I am in love. I think they look so beautiful. I want these windows in my home! They are just so attractive looking and look like they are high-quality. I am definitely thinking about having them installed in my living room this month.

  • Avatar for Candace Rander Candace Rander says:

    Mary D, you should definitely consider the bay and bow windows. They are completely worth it. I have the smallest house ever and these windows have really made it look bigger. I have them in my living room. It’s definitely worth spending the extra money on these windows. I promise you won’t regret it.

  • Avatar for L Ganey L Ganey says:

    Can bay windows seriously increase the value of my home? If so, I’m in! I think they look absolutely beautiful. I plan on selling my home in the next few years and am looking how to increase its value. I have already redone my basement and installed a new air conditioning system in my home. Now I guess it’s time to get new windows. And they really save energy? That’s exciting to hear. I feel that I spend way too much money on my electricity bill each month. These windows sound great!

  • Avatar for Pete Garrison Pete Garrison says:

    Bay windows can actually increase the value of my home? That is awesome. I think they would look great with home. I think I put them in my living room. I have already remodeled my basement and connected a new air conditioning system in my home. Now I guess it’s time to get new windows. And they really save energy? That’s exciting to hear. I feel that I spend way too much money on my electricity bill each month. These windows sound great!

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