How to Install a Window Air Conditioner

October 15, 2014



Install A Window Air Conditioner - Clera Windows + Doors

It’s a good feeling when you finally purchase an air conditioner. It means it’s time for sun, fun, and picnics in the park! It’s a sign of good times and late nights, but the days can be unbearably hot.

Buying an air conditioner isn’t a big job but installing it is another story. If you don’t know what you’re doing you’re in for a bit of a challenge. Here are some tips on how to install a window air conditioner all on your own.


First of all, check to see what kind of window you’re going to install the air condition into. Check to see whether the window is a slider, a casement-style, or a double-hung window. Most units will only work in double-hung windows because you can adjust the position of the bottom window up or down to accommodate the size of the air conditioner.


Check to make sure that you have an outlet relatively close to the window. If you don’t have a three-prong outlet within distance, you’ll have to use an extension chord specially labeled for air conditioner use. If you don’t, you could blow a fuse or, worse, start an electrical fire. If you use the closest outlet to power something else like a computer or a hairdryer, think about using a different window.


Look at the direction the window is facing. If you’re in a position with a lot of sun, you’ll probably want to think twice before installing your new air conditioner. Sun will heat it up and make it work harder, using up unnecessary energy. If the window is in a position that gets a lot of rain, think about installing some protection, like an awning or bits of insulation. Similarly, if the air conditioner will be exposed to lots of wind, you should consider setting up a barrier.


Look at the curtains or blinds around the air conditioner. Long curtains and drapes will block the cool air from entering your home, so the best solution is to trade them in for blinds that you can adjust to let light in during the day.

Once you’ve checked the area around where your new air conditioner will go, you’re ready for installation. If this is your first time doing the handy work yourself, don’t attempt to do it alone. The most important thing to remember about the installation is to keep a strong sense of balance, and there’s no way to do that but to have a partner spot you.

When it comes to your air conditioner installation, always remember safety first!

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