How many years do vinyl windows last?

February 5, 2014



How Many Years Do Vinyl Windows Last - Clera Windows + Doors

The lifetime of a window frame depends on factors including the quality of the product and the track record of the company that installs the window. Homeowners and contractors looking for a trusted vinyl company should consider Clera Windows + Doors, a family-owned company operating in Ontario since 1978. Our products are guaranteed to last a lifetime.

Quality manufacturing

Not all vinyl windows are created equal. It’s important to consider whether you are outfitting your building with windows that meet the certification requirements of the Canadian Standards Association. This helps to determine whether the windows are built to withstand strong winds, and remain airtight and watertight in various weather conditions.

Testing by independent labs have indicated that Clera casement windows, for example, display the highest level of air-tightness, water-tightness, and wind-load resistance. This is a sign of quality suggesting that Clera windows are built to last.

Proper installation

Beyond the quality of a window fresh off the factory floor, it’s important to consider the competence of the tradesmen who install the product in your building. Clera helps ensure that its installation professionals follow strict quality standards, performing on-site inspections.

The checklist used by inspectors is available on the company’s website, covering everything from the location of the screws to the cleanliness of the work site once the renovation is complete. This attention to detail suggests a strong commitment to making sure these windows are built to last.

Solid Reputation

A 2011 article by Martin Holladay in the magazine Fine Homebuilding pointed out that when shopping for a quality vinyl window, customers should consider buying the product from a “major manufacturer rather than a small local outfit.”

“Large manufacturers are more likely to have invested in expensive corner-welding equipment, and they are more likely to remain in business if you ever need service,” writes Holladay.

With more than 30 sales and installation offices across Ontario, and a quality reputation spanning more than three decades, it’s easy to see why Clera is a good pick. The company has made its mark on the province, improving more than 200,000 homes.

Lifetime Warranty

Perhaps the best sign that vinyl windows from Clera are built to last is the lifetime warranty. The guarantee, which is fully transferable, applies to “all vinyl window hardware, components and glass,” according to the company’s website.

Combined with the company’s certified manufacturing standards, commitment to proper installation, and solid reputation, this is a guarantee that displays confidence in the long life of the product.

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