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How to Avoid Condensation on Windows

Condensation can cause black spots and water droplets to form on your window frames, even if you’ve already wiped them. This can cause mould growth, which is a health hazard to prevent condensation there are steps that can be taken, but you’ll be better prepared if you know how condensation occurs.

What is Condensation?

Whenever moisture touches something that’s at a colder temperature than the ambient air temperature, you get condensation. If the air in your home is warm enough and humid, the moisture in the air will turn into a liquid. In other words, it will condense. Generally, you’re since the glass in your windows is colder than the walls, condensation will show up on your windows first.

What’s the Big Deal?

Moisture in your home can cause damage to the places it touches. Any window frames that are made of wood can develop mould and wood decay. Even steel frames can start to corrode over time. Your windows aren’t the only things that suffer – your drywall and insulation can become damaged as well.

Reducing Moisture in Your Home

The best solution is to reduce some of the moisture in your home. Anything that adds to the warm moisture in your home will make the problem of condensation worse. If you are cooking, running a bath, have pets or lots of plants or even breathing in your home you are adding vapor to the air. Since you can’t eat raw foods, or stop bathing, you’ll need an alternative solution.

Blinds and Curtains

If you constantly have your blinds or windows closed, this can add to condensation. Closing your blinds and windows prevents the heat that circulates in your home from getting to your windows to dry them out.

Diehard Fans

Every time you are cooking or bathing, be sure to run the fan. This will suck up most of the moisture that is produced from these activities, lessening the moisture levels. Don’t just run the fan while you are cooking or bathing; run them for a while after you are done. Your bathroom fan can be left on for about an hour after you have finished bathing. There are even programmable switches that automatically turn on and off your fans each hour, helping to reduce the moisture.

Temperature Changes

Warm air holds moisture much better than cold air. We know the Ottawa winters can be cold, but turning down the heat slightly, especially at night or when nobody is home, can make a difference. As well, humidifiers can add significantly to the problem.  Unless your house is excessively dry in winter, avoid throwing unnecessary moisture into the air with your humidifier.

If you are seeing more condensation on your windows than average, you should start with these tips. If the problem persists visit some of these websites for more tips.



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    Oh, wow I didn’t realize how much damage condensation could really do! I definitely will consider the tips in this article.

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    Wow.. condensation can really do that much damage, huh? I never knew that. This article is very helpful. I will definitely consider the tips that are in it.

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