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How to Choose Curtains for Your Windows

Choosing the right curtains for each room of your house can be a challenge. There are many options to consider and most people without a background in interior design find it difficult to know the best ways to match colors, tones, textures and patterns to achieve an attractive and inviting atmosphere that isn’t bland or busy. Next time you have to pick curtains for your windows, keep in mind the following tips so you can easily find the perfect match for your décor:

Fabric and Color

There are several aesthetic aspects to consider when making such a visual choice. You’ll want to think about the texture, color, and print or pattern of the fabric before coming to a decision.


Begin by considering the mood the room already has, or the one you want to create for it. For a formal space, you may want to consider a more lush or luxurious fabric such as heavy silk or velvet. Both of these materials will require a bit more care as they are dry-clean only, but they will create a lovely, rich atmosphere in your dining room or parlor.

For a more casual feel, billowy linen or crinkly crushed velvet can both be used to make a space feel inviting and comfortable. Cotton and wool – or blends of either – can be used with any type of décor and help to bring a crisp, neat feel to any room.


Carefully consider the décor of your room in order to decide if you want your curtains to blend in or provide a pop of color and interest. To blend your curtains unobtrusively into the décor of any room, choose ones in the same tones or a few shades darker than the dominant tone of your room. Alternatively, you can match them to a non-dominant color such as the accent color of the rug. This will help to tie the room together for a more coherent design.

Bold colors will act as exclamation points and add some wow to your design, but be careful not to overuse accents in your décor. Keep in mind that the sun shining through unlined curtains will infuse the room with that color: Warm colors such as oranges and pinks can add an atmosphere of cheer while cooler colors such as greens and blues can feel cold and often eerie.


Complicated prints and patterns are typically only recommended when the rest of the room is predominantly decorated with solid colors. If your furniture or rug is heavily patterned, you will likely be better off choosing solid color curtains, but if your furniture is fairly bland, a bold patterned curtain can bring some much needed visual interest to the room.

For a more subtle hint of style and energy, opt for a neutral print such as dots or paisley. From a distance, it will look more like texture than pattern. A large, daring, graphic print in a color relating to your exiting décor can be daring and risky but spectacular when done right!



  • Avatar for Saralyn P Saralyn P says:

    Recently we decided it was time to update our window treatments and get rid of the dusty drapes that have been hanging on display since the late nineties! After reading this blog, I decided to experiment with some pops of colour in our otherwise monochromatic scheme. With our grey couches, I added some deep purple curtains in the living room (along with some throw pillows) and it looks modern and rich. I was surprised by how much the entire room changed and I have been slowly updating the rest of the house to match. Thanks for the tips and keep them coming!

  • Avatar for Jordana R. Jordana R. says:

    I’m trying to find new curtains for the kitchen, we painted it a bright yellow a couple of years back – we love the colour but we are having the hardest time finding curtains to match. First we had some off-white lace ones but I found the colour too soft so I changed them for dark grey. Now I find the room feels too cold! Any pointers for working with a yellow room?

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