How to Choose Window Treatments for Your Home

January 31, 2023



Choosing Window Treatments For Your Home - Clera Windows + Doors

Don’t underestimate the power of your shades, blinds, and curtains—they can transform a room and make it look more cohesive. Choosing window coverings is often a design challenge that many homeowners don’t think about when decorating their home. Without a clear vision in mind, you’ll end up overwhelmed with the types of window treatments available. Or worse, you’ll end up buying coverings that’ll clash with the rest of your interior decor.So, what are the types of window treatments available? How do you choose which kind to buy? Keep on reading to discover our top window treatment ideas!

3 Considerations When Buying Window Treatments

It’s important to choose window treatments that will accentuate the unique features of your home. To help you get started, consider incorporating the following ideas for window treatments:

  1. Environmentally Friendly Choices

When shopping for window treatments, you need to look at how it performs according to environmental standards. Eco-friendly window treatments can block off spaces that are directly under heat from the sun or prevent cold air from seeping in during chilly winter months.When out shopping, remember the following:

  • Well-insulated windows will reduce temperature fluctuations;
  • Window treatments that leave few gaps will allow light to come in and increase the temperature of the room;
  • Windows with specially-treated glass will allow sunlight to stream inside, keep harmful UV light out, and won’t dim the room; and
  • Dark-coloured window treatments are better at absorbing light and retaining heat than lighter-coloured ones. This is especially important for windows facing west.
Environmentally Friendly Choices For Window Treatments - Clera Windows + Doors

  2. The Type of Window Treatment Material

Materials such as organically woven bamboo or matchstick shades are perfect for letting in diffused light while still allowing you to still see outside your home. Adding a natural touch to your decor, these types of shades would look beautiful in a bright room with cool neutral tones and lots of greenery.

  3. The Purpose of the Window Treatments

Prioritize which rooms you’d like to have the most impact. If your goal is to make guests feel comfortable, public spaces like living rooms and dining rooms will be the emphasis of the plans. In addition, you should maintain a consistent theme throughout your house for a more cohesive and “clean” look. It’s also worth noting that window treatments aren’t exclusively used on windows. Patio door window treatments, for instance, is also an idea worth exploring.

Best Window Treatments for Each Room of the House

It’s important to choose the right window treatment for each specific area in your home. Here are some helpful window treatment ideas to keep in mind:

The Living Room

Your living room is the first space a guest will see when they enter your home. Having the right window coverings will enhance the area and welcome guests to the home with a unique style that offers vibrant appeal.

Choosing The Best Window Treatments For Living Room - Clera Windows + Doors

Here are some tips you should consider when choosing the best window treatments for your living room.

  • If you have high ceilings, choose high-mounted treatments as they give the impression of a large space. 
  • White shutters are long-lasting treatments that don’t have to be dry-cleaned or washed frequently throughout the year. They are also perfect for living rooms in beach homes and countryside properties.
  • Smaller living room spaces can be upgraded by blending both shades and draperies in the window areas. Draperies with solid colours can be used to balance patterned shades. This ensures a vibrant appeal within the modern living room.

The Bedroom

If you’re considering a window treatment for your bedroom, choose one that lets natural light in during the day and keeps out external light and noise during the night. Thus, it’s important to select window coverings that will allow you to effortlessly go from one focus to another.

Window Treatment For Your Bedroom - Clera Windows + Doors

Some factors to consider when shopping for window treatments include:

  • Look into room darkening curtains. These can help keep a room cool by blocking out the sun when it’s at its strongest, in addition to keeping it out of your eyes on those early mornings when you’re trying to sleep in.
  • Shutter windows or blinds can be opened and closed in increments, so they give you more control over exactly how much sun you are letting in.
  • Low-E window films increase your window’s insulation value. They also reduce the amount of UV rays that filter through your window, which can damage or fade the paint on bedroom furniture.

The Dining Room

Dining rooms are areas for gatherings and meal times. So, consider the direction your windows are facing when looking for coverings. Some ideas to help you out when you’re shopping are:

  • Long and dramatic side panels will add elegance to your dining room as they let natural light stream in during the day.
  • Roman shades are the alternative to long, fabric window coverings. These are versatile pieces that can be partially opened to allow light to seep in, while adding style and a touch of colour to the room.

The Kitchen

No homeowner wants a dark kitchen. Aside from being visually unappealing, it’s also difficult to cook in the dark!

Window Treatments For The Kitchen - Clera Windows + Doors

When choosing the perfect kitchen window treatments, consider the following:

  • Sheer shades. These can serve as a barrier to harsh afternoon light and filter it to look softer.
  • Curtains are easy to clean and some of them are warp-proof, like solar shades. Kitchen window curtains frame the window and can stay out of the way of appliances while you’re cooking. 

The Bathroom

Bathroom windows should provide a certain level of privacy without compromising on natural light. The best window treatments for your bathroom windows could be:

  • Vinyl shutters. These don’t need regular maintenance and can withstand moisture or humidity.
  • Roller shades may be simple-looking, but they are great for privacy and controlling natural light. They are also easy to roll up if you want your bathroom windows to be unobstructed when not in use.

Get the Perfect Windows of Your Dreams With Clera

Window treatments can transform any space from drab to fab, so it’s important to put some thought into choosing the right ones for each room of your house. If you’re in the process of revamping your home, why not give it a major glow-up with the customized windows of your dreams? Clera Windows + Doors have successfully revitalized over 250,000 homes over the past 45 years. We offer high-performance products and unique designs that cater to every budget and are covered by a non-prorated lifetime warranty. Contact our expert team today to learn more!

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