How to Choose Your Glass for More Privacy

March 24, 2015



Choosing Windows For Privacy - Clera Windows + Doors

You have decided to upgrade the windows in your home or office, and are now faced with the ultimate dilemma. Everything seemed to be going so well, but you are not sure on how to best balance privacy and light; curtains, blinds, and drapes are always an option, but that would mean not being able to enjoy the warmth and aesthetic appeal of Mother Nature. So, what is a buyer to do?

Enhance privacy without taking away from your windows

It’s a fact that certain rooms require a greater degree of privacy than others, namely bathrooms and bedrooms. The issue lays in the fact that when you install thick drapes to keep people from looking in, this also cuts off all incoming natural light. This, as you know, is not recommended for small space, since it only serves to make them appear more cramped.

To be clear (no pun intended), there is a large array of options available for dressing up the privacy factor on your windows, and these range from film treatment applications, opaque and translucent vinyl are very popular ones, to stained glass and chemical etching profiles. In other words, there is no shortage of products designed to keep your private domicile, well private!

What are the available options?

Many manufacturers offers replacement glass inserts that doubly promote optimal privacy levels without hindering incoming light. Due to their sheer popularity and rather aesthetic design, you can find glass block windows in many homes these days. More common above bathtubs and showers, they can be installed virtually anywhere.

Traditional, translucent glass is a great alternative as well, and one that offers a more conventional look. Privacy door and window glass come in a variety of texture patterns, and these include semi-opaque to fully translucent.

To name a few of the more popular types, Narrow Reed, Cross Reed, Aquatex, Glue Chip, Rain, and Solid Translucent Etch Matte should give you good idea of what to expect when shopping around.

Bear in mind that these are classified as obscure window glass products; if you are looking for something more transparent, consider having the glass tinted instead. There is a vast array of tones and thicknesses on the market today, and they are great for promoting shade in rooms that tend to get too hot in the summer.

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