6 Modern Window and Door Trends for 2024

November 7, 2023


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A modern home with large windows and a wooden door.

When shopping for windows and doors, most homeowners find themselves at a crossroads between style and functionality—but what if you could have both?

You’re in luck! This year, door and window trends are all about embracing modernity without compromising functionality. Whether you prioritize energy efficiency, contemporary designs, or the timeless allure of traditional craftsmanship, there’s a trend waiting to transform your vision into reality.

Keep reading to learn about the top trends for a stylish home makeover!

1. Seamless Indoor-Outdoor Living Experiences

Many 2024 door trends will revolve around seamlessly transitioning from interior to outdoor living spaces with floor-to-ceiling sliding glass doors. We expect these kinds of doors to see a huge spike in popularity—here’s why. 

Their appeal starts with the sheer amount of natural light they let in. They also improve air circulation and have better energy-efficiency ratings than other door styles, allowing homeowners to save on utility bills.

If you like the idea of sliding patio doors but don’t want to compromise on privacy, you can always get cellular shades to cover the glass. They are ideal for areas where the weather is always changing and are among this year's most popular window treatment trends.

Open patio doors leading to a small outdoor garden

2. Smart Window Technology

Everything is getting smarter these days, and that includes both windows and the types of treatments being applied to them in 2024. 

Smart glass (a.k.a “switchable glass”) changes its insulation and translucency as it's exposed to different climate conditions. One example, thermochromic glass has a tint that intensifies in minutes when exposed to rising temperatures. 

Conversely, smart window treatment trends are also in vogue, with shades and blinds becoming increasingly integrated with technology. Smart blinds, for example, can be set on timers or connected to Google Homes and Amazon Alexa devices. 

3. Scratch-Resistant Tempered Glass Windows

Tempered glass is much stronger and safer than regular glass—we expect to see it a lot in 2024 as window trends continue to value security! 

This window trend works best on large modern windows that run from the ceiling to the floor. This is one of many situations in which they can be used, but the extra security they provide makes them a great choice. 

If you’re looking to fully embrace window treatment trends, then consider pairing this kind of window with Roman shades. These window treatments offer great versatility in terms of light control and look great in homes with wood accents

If that’s not your style, consider opting for modern window treatments or window coverings that are made of light materials such as fabric shades. Floor-to-ceiling curtains can build visual interest and accentuate a sleek and modern aesthetic.

4. Doors with Bold Colours and Finishes

One of the door trends that both homeowners and designers expect to see this year is bold colours and finishes. Not only does it increase curb appeal and raise the overall value of your home, but something as simple as a new coat of paint can do wonders for your mood.

Classic colour options for doors have always been pretty basic with black, white, grey, or beige taking centre-stage. However, in 2024, you’ll see lighter, brighter hues such as yellows, reds, and blues. Pastel colours like lilac and rose pink should also surge in popularity. 

Take this door trend a step further and colour-match your garage!

Open awning windows in a home.

5. Tilt and Turn Windows

One of the more adventurous styles we expect to see dominate window trends in 2024 is the tilt-and-turn window. Tilt windows have long been popular in Europe, and seem to be finally making their way into Canadian households.

The appeal is in their versatility: they can be opened by tilting or turning. The benefits of this are that they’re easy to clean, but also afford flexibility when it comes to ventilation. 

6. Renewed Focus on Energy-Efficient Doors and Windows

Some door and window trends change year by year, but energy efficiency is always in style. With energy costs rising globally, homeowners understandably want to invest in eco-friendly and sustainable designs that help lower their bills.

Fixed windows are generally the most energy-efficient but are inoperable as the name implies. Awning windows are also a great choice, as they reduce drafts and air leakage by having the sash press firmly on the frame when closed.

Fibreglass doors are among the strongest doors in the market and the most energy-efficient. These doors won’t warp or crack like wooden doors, and they are easy to customize. Aside from regular cleaning, these doors don’t require constant maintenance. 

As such, no matter the style, expect to see: 

  • Low-E glass technology as it’s designed to reduce energy costs
  • A preference for triple-pane windows given their superior insulation and climate control when compared to their double-glazed counterparts
  • Wet-glazed frames and sashes on all windows to provide superior protection against water and drafty air infiltration that drives up bills

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