Insulate Windows For Winter with These Low-Cost Tips and Tricks

September 27, 2022



Insulate Windows For Winter With Low-cost Tips & Tricks - Clera Windows + Doors

The holiday season never fails to bring laughter, joy, cheer—and a ton of expenses!We can’t deny that along with gift-giving and holiday feasts, your home probably needs some buttoning up to prepare for a long, cold winter. This all costs money, and although we want the absolute best for our family at this time of year, we also want to be financially savvy. Saving money this winter can start with not letting the precious warm air seep out of your home! There’s no doubt that brand new replacement vinyl casement windows are the best option to effectively seal out the cold air and keep your home toasty all winter long. But, for those of us who are still saving up for new windows and doors and just need a quick fix, here are 12 nifty low-cost ways to go about winter window insulation without breaking the bank.

 1. Install Heavier Window Treatments

There are so many suggestions out there that you can find to insulate your home, some as wacky as bubble wrapping your windows. Sure, it might work to retain heat in your home temporarily, but if you’re planning on having your family over during the holidays, you probably don’t want them to be surrounded by bubble wrap.

Installing Heavier Window Treatments - Clera Windows + Doors

How about aesthetically pleasing window treatments to suit the season? Replace your light and airy window treatments with layered or insulated ones. It’s like wearing a cozy sweater, but for your window! These treatments help to keep the draft out and cold air from spilling into the room. If it’s a sunny day out, draw back the curtains and let the warmth of the sun naturally warm your home. You could also try insulated curtains with a built-in thermal backing. These will take the rays of the sun and use them to warm the curtains in the room!

 2. Draft Snakes

These work like real snakes and scare off cold drafts from seeping through the cracks under doors and windows. Simply place your draft snake snug against the bottom of your door and window to prevent the cold air from creeping in.

 3. Window Insulation Film

Window insulation kits are available at most hardware or department stores. The purpose of the window films is to retain heat in the home by up to 55% depending on the quality of the window film.As an added heating benefit, when you install a clear window insulating film to any windows facing south, it allows the warmth of the sun in. This natural heat gain reduces how hard your furnace will need to work to heat your home, thereby reducing your energy bill.

 4. Caulk Your Window Frame  

Seal off minor cracks in the window frame or window sill to keep the pesky cold drafts from trickling in. Caulk can be bought at any hardware or department store—and it only costs a few bucks to see a noticeable difference in energy use in your home!

 5. Close the Doors of Unused Rooms  

This is a simple yet effective method to stop cold air from travelling throughout the home and retaining heat that’s been generated in smaller rooms.

 6. Open and Close Your Windows As Needed  

When it is sunny outside, open the curtains to let in sunlight and natural warmth. Without sunlight, heat escapes through your windows. So make use of heavy thermal curtains to trap the warmth when the sun sets and the heater is on.

Open And Close Your Windows For Winter - Clera Windows + Doors

 7. Take Advantage of Smart Controls

It is a good idea to install a smart control to optimize your heater system so it uses the minimal energy required. An app-based control that allows you to remotely switch on/off your heating system can save you energy, as you can delay your heating coming on if you expect to arrive home later than usual.

 8. Avoid Portable Heaters and Fans

Sure, they work well to instantly heat a room when needed. Some people even turn down their thermostat and crank the portable heater thinking a smaller unit would use up less energy.The reality is those mini heaters are mighty and consume a lot of energy. Having your thermostat set to a comfortable temperature and retaining the heat you’ve generated is the best way to consume less energy and save money.

 9. Cook More Often

If you like to cook, you can take advantage of the heat generated in the kitchen to warm the air around your home. Make use of the oven and stove more often, and keep the doors open to make sure the air circulates.

 10. Rearrange Your Furniture

Some areas of your rooms will be colder than others. So, consider moving your furniture or seating position away from the walls and closer to the source of heat. Also, consider placing some floor mats to reduce heat loss through the floor and to keep your feet warm. A lot of heat can be lost through drafty floorboards, so why not cover them up by rolling out a cozy warm rug? You might want to consider placing a rug in the family room area and in the bedrooms. Not only does it work to insulate your floors, but it serves as a cozy place to step into after you’ve rolled out of bed in the morning and as a cushion under your feet during a winter-long Netflix marathon.

 11. Open the Door After Your Bath

After taking a bath, don’t drain the water from the bath until it has cooled down completely. Simply open the bathroom door to let the warm, steamy air circulate to the other rooms.

Open The Door After Your Bath During Winter - Clera Windows + Doors

Have a Merry Warm Winter with Efficient Windows

Along with these cost-effective ways to quickly insulate your home this winter, you’ll want to consider how well your current windows and doors are functioning.When was the last time you had them inspected? If you notice that they are no longer opening, closing, or locking with ease, chances are there are mechanisms that need replacing or better yet, a new replacement window or door is in order. Understandably, this type of home improvement project is a big one and may take a bit of budget planning for most families. However, the benefits of brand-new replacement windows are far greater than the cost. You really cannot put a price on getting the utmost comfort and security out of your home. Clera Windows + Doors proudly offers financing options for those who can’t afford to pay the full costs associated with new windows and doors. If you’re heading into the winter season and have drafty entranceways, don’t wait until your energy bill catches up with you.Ready to get better winter window insulation? Contact us today to get a free consultation!

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