How To Make Windows And Doors Safe From Burglars

April 15, 2015



Make Windows And Doors Safe From Burglars - Clera Windows + Doors

A home burglary is a terrifying ordeal that can have a devastating impact on families. But the good news is you can take simple steps to prevent theft.

From installing an alarm system to securing your windows, home burglaries can be avoided with the right tools. One of the most popular methods in theft prevention is the reinforcement of your windows and doors.In this article, we’re exploring tips and tricks on how to keep burglars out of your family home!

Focus on Basement Windows

Second-floor windows are more difficult to break into because a thief must scale the side of your home to gain access. Basement windows, on the other hand, are much easier access points. Not only are they lower in height, but often times they’re located in the back of the house. This allows thieves to gain access while remaining largely undetected.

One of the best ways to secure basement windows is with a Charley bar. This device locks your window against its frame, so that it becomes nearly impossible for a thief to slide the pane open. Even if the window does get opened, the Charley bar will ensure that it does not open all the way.

This device is particularly useful for those who forget to close their basement windows when leaving the house, and can also be helpful for those who’d like to keep windows open for ventilation, without compromising on security.

A set of horizontal iron bars is also a great way to burglar-proof your windows. These bars act as a metal gate and can be adjusted for length. Find window guards that are made of solid steel with bars spaced about 4-5 inches apart.

Install Windowless Doors

Doors with decorative glass paneling are nice to look at - but they’re also considered a high security risk. If the glass windows are located close to the lock, a would-be thief can easily smash the pane and unlock the door by reaching inside.

If you’re installing a door with a window, take extra precautions. Opt for reinforced glass or decorative iron bars for that added layer of security.

Install Visibly Sturdy Locks

One of the best ways to deter a would-be thief is to install locks that look sturdy and tough to break into. When it comes to securing your windows and doors, never be frugal about your locks.

Invest in high-quality devices that cannot be destroyed with the strike of a hammer. A professional locksmith can recommend the toughest ones. Thieves do not like to waste time picking away at a difficult lock - as this will increase their chances of being caught by a passerby.

The best prevention starts with quality windows and doors. Contact Clera to find out how our products stack up against the competition so you can rest assured that your home is safe and secure!

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