How to Measure for Full Frame Replacement Windows

November 3, 2022



How To Measure For Full Frame Replacement Windows - Clera Windows + Doors

If you’re replacing old, faulty windows or are redesigning your home and want new windows to match your new design, you or your designer might opt for a full frame replacement.

Getting full frame replacement windows means that instead of replacing just the panels or some parts, the entire window, down to the last screw, is removed and replaced with a new, full window, including the frame. 

There are several factors to consider when looking for replacements, such as the dimensions of the rough opening, and whether the window type is still functional, safe and energy-efficient. In this blog, we’ll show you how to measure for full frame replacement windows. Now, let’s dive in.

Measuring the Rough Opening

Before figuring out how to install full frame replacement windows, you first need to know how to accurately measure the window space, or what’s called the rough opening.

The rough opening is the space where the window goes. It is usually one half or three-quarter inch larger than the actual window.

When the full window is removed, a rough opening will look like an unfinished window, similar to the ones you might see in houses that are still under construction.

Measuring the Rough Opening - Clera Windows + Doors

Measure the rough opening in three simple steps:

  1. Start by removing the window trim to expose the edges of the rough opening.
  1. Then, measure the width by placing your tape measure across the inner edges of the rough opening, from the left inner edge to the right inner edge. 
  2. Measure the top, middle and bottom widths and then record the smallest number. This will ensure that the window you’re going to order will fit inside the rough opening.
  1. To get the height of the rough opening, measure from the top edge to the bottom edge. Take the left, middle and right height measurements and record the smallest number.

If you’re having trouble taking proper measurements, you can always call a window installation expert to take the measurements for you.

This way, you can make sure that the dimensions are correct, and the technician can also recommend the best window replacement option for your home.

When to Order Full Frame Replacement Windows

Wondering if you can still salvage your old windows? Want to make sure you are choosing the most cost-effective option? 

When choosing between the types of full frame replacement windows, here are the things you need to assess.

Full Frame Replacement Windows - Clera Windows + Doors


Are your windows still keeping rainwater out, or is there a leak whenever it rains? Is there draft coming through the window cracks? Is it rotting or has become severely damaged due to age?

If your window is not effectively keeping the elements out, and looks like it’s going to give up soon, you’ll need to get a full frame window replacement before more damage is done to your home.


Old windows might not be effective at insulating your home, and can cost you more money maintaining than replacing.

If that is the case, consider getting energy-efficient full frame replacement windows. Not only will you feel more comfortable, but you will also be able to save more on your monthly bills, and soon your new windows will have already paid for themselves.


If you think your windows can easily be pried open or broken into, you need to act fast to keep your family safe. 

Burglars are quite skilled at spotting faulty and weak windows. Replacing weak windows that give easy access to your home with sturdier ones will keep you safe from potential criminal activity, and save you a lot of money. It will also give you peace of mind, and will help you sleep better at night.

Let Clera Take Care of the Dirty Work for You

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So, if you’re looking for full frame replacement windows, you’ve stumbled upon the right place!

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