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August 16, 2012


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Learn About Our Installation Quality Guarantee - Clera Windows + Doors

If you are investing in high quality windows and doors it is of utmost importance that the products and the work are guaranteed.  At Clera Windows + Doors we want to surpass industry standards and even more importantly, our customer’s expectations.  That is why we have an installation quality guarantee to back our industry leading products and customer-focused service.

What is Included in Clera Windows Installation Quality Guarantee?
We provide window installers that are trained and certified experts, who are subject to routine testing and installation inspections.

During the course of each installation we will ensure that:

  • Windows and doors are properly shimmed and supported.
  • Windows and doors are installed level and square.
  • All installation screws are installed with exact placement.
  • The cavity between the new windows or doors and the rough opening are properly insulated with low expansion foam.
  • For the retrofit method, the window is capped properly on the exterior.
  • The edges of the shims are used to level the windows and the doors for proper sealing to prevent the penetration of air and moisture.
  • Interior tape and sealant is used to cover the interior side of the rough opening and the new window.
  • The windows are doors are aesthetically pleasing.
  • The windows and doors have a proper slope on the sill to allow drainage.
  • The windows and doors are tested to ensure that they are opening and closing properly.
  • The exterior caulking is inspected to ensure good quality and a neat application.
  • Drop sheets are used inside of the home to keep the work area neat, tidy and safe for workers and homeowners.
  • Stickers are removed from the new doors and windows.
  • All homes are left in a clean and undamaged state.

When having new windows and doors installed it is important for homeowners to ensure that they are investing in high quality products and skilled and experienced contractors.  This includes the aesthetic look of the door, proper installation and a team of professionals that will take great care to install the door correctly, while minimizing mess and disturbances for the homeowners, while the work is in progress.

Clera Windows + Doors will never leave the job site until our window and door installations have surpassed our customer’s expectations. We are always happy to answer questions and address concerns after the work has been completed.

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