DIY Repurpose Old Windows

September 6, 2017



DIY Repurpose Old Windows - Clera Windows + Doors

Makers are taking social media outlets by storm with every other post being about creative people sharing stories of how their new crafty project is progressing along, followed by artfully styled photos of the finished product looking all sorts of amazing. With this DIY fad in full swing, it becomes pretty difficult to resist the urge to try something crafty yourself.

Turning to Pinterest for some inspiration and ideas for your next mind blowing project, here’s what you’re likely to encounter:

  • DIY bath bombs: Too many ingredients
  • DIY acne gel: Yikes
  • DIY tension relief balm: Is there anything the internet doesn’t suggest?
  • DIY repurposed windows: Now, there’s something interesting!
DIY Ideas To Repurpose Old Windows - Clera Windows + Doors

DIY Ideas to Repurpose Old Windows

Creating beautiful one of a kind pieces on a budget

For these projects, the goal is to transform a seemingly useless old window into an exquisite piece of functional decor that can be used in your home, office, or at special events.

Repurposing windows can be worked into a wide variety of styles however, in this article we’ll dive into how to create a rustic/vintage look. With that being said, new window types such as aluminum would probably not be the best suited for the ornate sort of countryside finish we’re trying to achieve. Seek out old windows made of wood, the more homely the better sometimes. Wood material will be easier to work with, it’s inexpensive, environmentally friendly, and will turn out beautifully given its austere simplicity.

One benefit to taking on a project that involves recycling something shabby and unused is the cost for materials can be relatively low. If your neighbours are remodelling windows, you could probably even snag them for free otherwise, old windows with or without glass are frequent finds at second hand stores, antique shows, flea markets, and yard sales.


Old Window Special Event Seating Chart - Clera Windows + Doors

To create this unique, yet simple piece for your wedding or special event, you’ll need:

  • A wooden framed window that still has 4-8 glass panes still intact.
  • Glass marker in white (these can be found at your local art supply store or Staples)
  • Annie Sloan chalk paint in vintage white (Find a stockist in your area)
  • Annie Sloan flat n.30 brush (this brush is recommended but you can use any flat brush you might have lying around).
  • Lightweight sanding paper
  • Cloth


  1. Using the cloth, thoroughly clean glass and frame from any dust, dirt, or debris.
  2. Using the Annie Sloan flat n.30 brush or brush of your choice, paint the wooden frame of the window with the Annie Sloan vintage white chalk paint. This paint is very versatile and can be applied without sanding or priming.
  3. The paint should dry very quickly with a velvety, matt finish. Once it is dry, lightly sand the edges of the window frame to give it a little bit of a rustic edge.
  4. You can now start writing out your seating chart using the white glass marker.

You will absolutely wow your guests with a standout piece like this, better hope your neighbour doesn’t recognize their old window or they might just want it back!


Window Pane Mirror - Clera Windows + Doors

A window pane mirror is a beautiful decor piece to add a countryside, yet modern flair to your living area, bedroom, or your home’s front entrance to greet your guests with something sophisticated and warm. Since mirror cutting isn’t exactly a daily norm for most people, this project may appear daunting at first but nonetheless, it can be accomplished even for a beginner level crafter. Your local hardware store will likely carry and carry mirror glass which will certainly come in handy for this project.

The Provident Home Design blog offers easy to-do steps for creating a window pane mirror, including instructions on how to safely remove the old glass panes, cutting, and installing mirror panes. A lot of the old windows you’ll come across in antique markets may already have the glass missing, don’t pass these up as rubbish! These wooden frames can be just as valuable as a brand new functioning window after it’s been recycled. If your window frame is missing the glass, it’ll work even better for this project, you’ll skip half the labour and go straight to how to fit the new mirror panes into the frame.

Currently, a decor piece like this can sell anywhere from $200-$500 brand new in contemporary furniture & decor stores, like Pottery Barn. With these easy DIY instructions, you can actually make this yourself for under $40 and it would make for a great conversation piece in your home or office for years to come.


Antique Window Headboard - Clera Windows + Doors

The antique headboard is actually one of the more simpler projects if you have found a window frame that fits well with the width of your bed. Although it’s not the safest idea in the world, if done correctly it bears the utmost charming results. Once you’ve found the frame(s) of your dreams, you’ll need to secure them as best as possible to the wall behind your bed, here are some helpful tips to get you started:

  • It’s not necessary, but it would be wise to caulk any loose glass panes to the frame of the window to keep them from wobbling out of place and potentially falling onto the bed, especially if you have little ones in the home.
  • Attach picture hangers to the back of each frame and this is what you’ll use to hang your headboard on the wall with nails.
  • The rustic look is good for everyone but not when it’s falling apart on you while you sleep! Using wood glue or nails, secure any loose parts on the wooden frames.
  • Lastly, put nails in the wall behind the frame to keep the windows from being able to shift side to side.

The best way to get the creative juices flowing within you is to let go of expectations and self-limiting thoughts. Just because you’ve never painted a portrait or penned a novel doesn’t mean you’re not a creative person. These DIY ideas to repurpose old windows are the kind of projects that are suitable for anyone, especially those looking to refresh their creativity, explore new ideas, create, while saving money.

By the time you’ve completed your project you would have a newfound appreciation for both old and new windows. Who would’ve thought that one of the more simpler and traditional things in life such as a window, could have so much added value after retiring from its original purpose. When you keep an open mind and put your creative edge to the test, the possibilities are truly endless.

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