Painting Your Exterior Doors 101

February 22, 2013



Paint Your Exterior Doors - Clera Windows + Doors

So you’ve decided you don’t like that pea soup color on your doors that hasn’t been changed since 1975. It’s easy and can drastically change the look of your home. All you need is a day filled with sunshine, a few tools and paint and people will be asking how much you spent on your new door.

Get Acquainted With Your Door

It may seem like a redundant question, but do you know what kind of door you have? Different doors will have different requirements for paint. Older doors may not be pre-primed, while newer ones usually are. If they are pre-primed, there is no reason for you to buy and apply a primer coat. If you do need to prime your door, use a quality oil or acrylic primer on all sides of the door. Don’t leave any surface out.

Is the door damaged and does it need a little TLC? Any imperfections in the door will transfer onto the dried paint, so it’s best to smooth them out before you start any painting.

Now that you’ve met your door, let’s continue:

  1. Remove the door and place it on sawhorses. Be sure to remove any hinges, knobs or other pieces before you start painting. If your door has glass, use painter’s tape to cover the edges.
  2. Clean all surfaces of the door of all dirt and debris then use a light sand paper to sand everything smooth.
  3. After you’ve cleaned and sanded everything on your door, make sure it is dry and then start painting. Start with the brushwork, as this will prevent you from showing any brush marks when you are done.  This includes the bottom and side panels. You’ll get the best use out of a mini-roller when you start rolling the panels. Using mohair or lamb’s wool will give you a fine finish.
  4. Once you are done, you can let it dry for and reattach the door.

Something to Remember

On the day you choose to paint, make sure it’s not too cold or too humid outside, because it will increase the amount of time it’s going to take for the door to dry.

If it looks like it might rain, a plastic sheet will come in handy for covering your handy-work.

Does your door open inward? You might consider painting your hinges so when it opens, the original color of the hinge doesn’t show.

If you are painting in a garage or inside, be sure you have adequate ventilation and proper safety equipment. You don’t want to pass out and get a face print on that fancy new door of yours.

There you have it – a new door!

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