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Prepping your Home for a Door Installation

Replacing the entry door on your house can tack on quite a bit of equity in record time, not to mention this go-to home improvement project is bound to be the talk of your block.

Before you get to this point, however, there are a few preparatory items to attend to. Before your window and door company arrives to take care of the dirty (and difficult) work, below is a list of important pre-installation steps.

What You Need For Your New Door Install

  • Make Room and Clear Space
    The last thing you want is to break the valuables in your entryway curio cabinet or to mar the edges on any other vintage piece. Make sure the workspace is free of clutter, and do not forget to cover the floor so as to prevent scratches. The installers will do their best to keep this from happening, but it never hurts to take extra safety precautions!
  • Lock Your Pets In A Room Or Kennel
    Just when you thought everything was going great, your dog decides to high tail it out the open door in the midst of the renovation. Instead of spending your time hanging lost pet signs around the neighborhood, remember to keep your pet in a separate area away from any open doors or windows. This is something many homeowners fail to take note of, but is just as important a step as any other, for obvious reasons.
  • Be Respectful Of The Outdoor Work Space
    Depending on how your home’s floor plan is laid out, you may also need to perform a bit of outdoor landscaping cleanup work. This could include sprucing up the patio area (IE removing clutter, lawn ornaments, toys and other decor) as well as trimming any shrubs or bushes that could impede with the exterior portion of the door installation. Whatever you can do to make the job easier on the installer (yourself or a professional contractor), the better!
  • Two things will happen once your home has a new entry door; it is going to look great and its value is going to go up. However, in order for either one of these things to happen, you need to ensure the above items are taken care of. Altogether, you are looking at roughly 10 to 15 minutes of door installation prep work, which is minimal in comparison to the project’s benefits!

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