What to Expect: The Professional Window Installation Process

December 5, 2023



 Two certified technicians installing windows on a new home

In Ontario, our homes endure diverse climates year-round, so the importance of quality windows cannot be overstated. They shield us from harsh winters, scorching summers, and everything in between. But the magic truly happens when these windows are installed with precision and care, seamlessly blending functionality with aesthetics.

In this article, we’re peeling back the curtain on the replacement window installation process. 

As a homeowner, knowing the ins and outs of professional window installation will prepare you for what to expect throughout the entire process. It will also make you feel more confident about your new purchase! 

As one of Ontario’s top window and door manufacturers, it’s our goal to provide you with all the information you need to ensure a stress-free experience. After all, your satisfaction and peace of mind are at the heart of everything we do.

Let’s get into it.

Why Professional Window Installation Matters

Professional window installation is the key to ensuring the optimal performance and longevity of your windows. Certified window installers are trained to accurately measure, fit, and seal windows to prevent air and water leaks that can compromise structural integrity and overall performance. 

Proper installation guarantees alignment, which will enhance both the security and operability of your windows. The precision of professionals also minimizes the risk of drafts, condensation, and potential damage, all of which work to preserve indoor comfort and safeguard your windows and home against moisture-related issues. 

Arguably the most important reason to hire a professional to install your windows is that many window manufacturers offer warranties that may be voided if the installation is not performed by a certified technician. By choosing professional window installation, you protect your investment and maintain the full benefits of your warranty coverage.

 A person removing an old window from the frame

How to Prepare for a Window Replacement

Clear the Area Around Your Windows

Start by preparing for the window installers before they arrive at your home. If your new windows are delivered in advance, you should store them somewhere secure to prevent damage. Vinyl window glass, while sturdy, is still prone to shattering with enough force. 

The installation technicians need adequate space to work, so before they begin, make sure to clear any obstacles or furniture near the windows both inside and outside your home. Clearing the workspace allows installers to maneuver freely and minimizes the risk of accidents or damage to your belongings.

Protect Your Flooring and Furniture

While professional installers take precautions to minimize mess, it's a good idea to cover nearby furniture and flooring with drop cloths or plastic sheets. This extra layer of protection safeguards your belongings from dust, debris, and accidental spills during the installation process.

Communicate Any Concerns

Before the window installation process begins, communicate any specific concerns or preferences you have with your installation team. Whether it's regarding access points, pet safety, or scheduling constraints, clear communication ensures that your needs are addressed and accommodated effectively.

How Replacement Windows Are Installed

Professional window replacement is a meticulous process that requires precision, expertise, and attention to detail. While the specific steps may vary depending on factors such as window type, size, and existing conditions, the general installation procedure follows a systematic approach:

  1. Measurement and Assessment
  2. Removal of Old Windows
  3. Preparation of Opening
  4. Installation of New Windows
  5. Insulation and Sealing
  6. Finishing Touches

Before the new window installation process begins, professional installers carefully measure the existing window opening to ensure a perfect fit for the replacement windows. They also assess the condition of the existing window frames, sills, and trim to identify any repairs or modifications needed.

Then, installers will remove the old windows and any accompanying hardware. This typically involves carefully prying away trim, sashes, and frames, taking care to avoid damage to the surrounding structure.

A technician applies weatherstripping to a new window

Once the old windows are removed, the installation team prepares the window opening by cleaning the area, removing debris, and ensuring that it is level and square. Any necessary repairs or adjustments to the window frame are also addressed at this stage.

With the opening prepared, the replacement windows are carefully placed into position. Installers secure the windows in place using shims, screws, or nails, ensuring a tight seal and proper alignment. To prevent air and water infiltration, installers apply insulation around the window frame and seal any gaps with caulk or weatherstripping. This step is crucial for maximizing energy efficiency and minimizing drafts.

Finally, trim pieces, hardware, and any additional accessories are installed to complete the look of the new windows. Installers inspect the windows for proper operation and make any necessary adjustments to ensure a perfect fit.

🏠 Homeowner Tips: Once the replacement window installation process is complete, you’ll likely be asked to inspect your new window unit. Take this opportunity to look for dents or scratches on the window frame, glass, upper and lower sash, as well as interior trim. While inspecting, you should also inspect the outside sealant for gaps.

Pay extra attention to how the new replacement window functions

Open and close it a few times to see if it performs in a smooth, bind-free manner. Communicate any problems you might have with the technicians and indicate if you’ve seen damage somewhere on the replacement window.

How Long Does Professional Window Installation Take?

In general, the installation of a single window typically takes anywhere between one to three hours from start to finish. Larger projects involving multiple windows may require a full day or longer to complete.

The exact duration depends on the number of windows being replaced, the complexity of the project, and any unforeseen challenges encountered during the process. The size of the installation crew is also a determining factor—having more hands on deck will generally expedite the work. Additionally, whether or not you choose to use the existing window frames will dictate how much time the job takes. Installing a new window frame takes more time than installing a window in the existing window frame. 

It’s important to note that professional window installation is completed efficiently to minimize disruption to your daily routine while ensuring that the installation is done correctly. Before the installation, your contractor will provide you with a more precise timeline based on the specifics of your project.

A bright living room space with floor-to-ceiling windows

Choose Clera for a Smoother Replacement Window Installation Process

From the consultation, to design, to installation, and beyond—Clera Windows + Doors is your partner in outfitting your home with high-quality, vinyl windows that stand the test of time. 

Professional window installation is part of the package when you buy replacement windows from our manufacturing facility in Ontario. Expect five-star customer service when you work with us; it’s our mission to treat your home like our own.

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