Replacing Windows in a Rental Property: Everything a Landlord Should Know

January 13, 2021



Replacing Windows in a Rental Property - Clera Windows + Doors

As a landlord, you may have thought of replacing the windows of your rental property. This can be because the window is broken or worn out and needs immediate replacement - or perhaps you would simply like to increase the aesthetic appeal and value of your rental property.

Either way, when choosing the replacement window that you will get for your rental property, you would need to ask yourself one question: Is this replacement window worth the investment?

In this article, we will cover a few helpful tips for all landlords who are faced with this kind of situation. We will also talk about the benefits of replacing windows for residential and commercial rental properties and what characteristics the best replacement windows ought to have.

Let’s get started!

Replacing Windows In A Rental Property - Clera Windows + Doors

1. New Windows Will Increase the Desirability of Your Property and Help to Negotiate Higher Rent Rates

If you are a new landlord looking to find tenants for your property, you may be looking for something that will help you stand out from the other options. The truth of the matter is windows matter - a lot.

For a tenant looking into the property for the first time (whether it’s for residential or commercial use), one of their factors for consideration is how well-maintained it is. They would, after all, want to live or conduct business operations somewhere pleasant – and sufficient maintenance is a large part of that.

For both residential and commercial rental properties, old windows may be noticeable, even from the outside, and do not give off a good first impression. In fact, windows are such a noticeable element in a property that they can significantly make it look more aged and poorly maintained, even if other elements are kept in good condition.

Additionally, if your tenants are also aware of the effects of windows on living spaces or commercial spaces, they would also immediately know, beyond aesthetic considerations, that older windows would mean more noise and less insulation which translates to less restful sleep (for residential rental properties), less peace, and higher power bills. All in all, old windows may not only get in the way of justifying your rent prices but will also get in the way of you receiving inquiries about your rental space in the first place.

2. Old Leaky Windows Can Make Tenants Look for Better Places

Whether you have a residential or commercial rental property, old leaky windows are no good. Cold air gets in more easily, along with outside noise. If you have a rental space (whether residential or commercial) that has old leaky windows, there’s a high likelihood that tenants are discontented with the current state of the property. In time, high power bills because of the strained thermostat, along with the noisiness of the living space or workspace, will make them seek a better space.  

3. The Right Windows Can Help You Save on Energy Costs

For commercial rental spaces, charging for the power bill may not be a problem for the landlord because the property is likely to have its own meter. Therefore, the only problem you may encounter as a landlord of commercial rental space is when tenants become unhappy with the high power costs they are paying for.

However, with a residential rental property, payment for electric bills is not always as cut and dried. In Canada, some landlords estimate the expected electric bill and charge it as a fixed inclusion in the rent. If this is the case with your rental property set up - and you have older windows - you may notice higher power bills when faced with weather extremes. You may have found yourself needing to shell out for such additional costs. This is because older windows (especially single-pane windows) do not offer good insulation. To save on power costs all year round, you can opt for a double-pane window that is also equipped with energy-saving technologies.

The Right Windows Can Help You Save on Energy Costs - Clera Windows + Doors

4. The Right Windows Can Protect Your Interiors From Damaging UV Radiation

If you have had a rental property for a while, you may have had to deal with problems like fading paint, fading furniture, and the fading of other interior elements. In some cases, this may not be the usual wear and tear. This can be because of the bleaching effect of the sun’s ultraviolet rays on paints and dyes. Maintenance that is related to this is, of course, an additional expense. But then the other option is to leave it be and hope that the faded interiors do not put off the tenants or potential tenants.

To keep your interiors safe from fading, while also blocking out heat from the sun, windows from trusted manufacturers like Clera Windows + Doors are equipped with Low-E glass which gives exemplary UV protection.

5. Not All Replacement Windows Are the Same

Though replacement windows out in the market may all look deceptively similar, not all windows are made equal. For one thing, some manufacturers still make single-pane glass windows - and we’ve already discussed earlier how leaky these can be in terms of cold air and noise.

Additionally, even double-pane windows are not all made with the same technologies. Some are not equipped with Low-E glass. Low-E glass is the type of glass to look for if you would like to have good insulation while also shielding your property from harmful UV rays.

Then, of course, there’s the matter of what material the window frame is made of. High-quality modern windows are made of 100% uPVC vinyl, instead of wood or aluminum. Wood, in time, will be prone to swelling, warping and rotting; meanwhile, aluminum in time will be prone to corrosion. uPVC vinyl, however, can serve you well without maintenance for 20 - 30 years or more. All you need to think about is the regular cleaning that all windows need.

Get Replacement Windows That Are Truly Worth the Investment

There are numerous factors to consider when finding replacement windows - factors like aesthetics, energy-efficiency, sturdiness, insulation, UV protection, and noise reduction. You might be wondering if there is a window out there that can possibly have all of these benefits. Well, that’s exactly the kind of windows that we at Clera Windows + Doors have been manufacturing for years.

Our chic windows don’t just add aesthetic appeal to your rental property, but they also offer the practical benefit of energy efficiency thanks to a combination of technologies like Hydraglass 50™ warm edge technology on Super Spacer® platform and Low-E (low emissivity glass).

The windows are also made of 100% uPVC vinyl which makes the windows sturdy and not needing any kind of maintenance, thereby allowing you to save more.

Our windows are sure to transform your rental property, attract more tenants, and allow you to cut costs. If you have any questions about our products or our installation process, please feel free to reach out to us. You can also get started by clicking here for a FREE estimate!

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