How Replacement Windows Add Value To Your Home

February 4, 2019


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How Replacement Windows Add Value To Your Home - Clera Windows + Doors

In a housing market as hot as Toronto’s, homeowners all over the GTA are looking at ways they can add value to their homes to boost their sale price should they choose to put them on the market. There are the usual suspects like a fresh coat of paint, redoing the kitchen, and adding high end fixtures to the bathrooms. Something that fewer people think about is installing replacement windows to boost their home’s market value. So how exactly do replacement windows in Toronto add value to your home? There are a variety of ways new windows can bump up your sale price for a reasonable investment. We look into all the different aspects that replacement windows will help you when it comes time to sell up. Read on to find out more!

Installing Replacement Windows To Boost Home’s Market Value - Clera Windows + Doors

Increased Curb Appeal

One of the biggest ways replacement windows in Toronto will add value to your home is by increasing the curb appeal of your property.

Curb appeal is the external appearance of your home as seen through the eyes of a passerby. This term is generally used to express the desirability of a home’s facade, and how competitive potential buyers might be willing to be should they put an offer on the place. Updating your home’s exterior with replacement windows may cost a few thousands dollars, but has the potential to boost your home’s value significantly more through extra curb appeal.

Clera Windows + Doors offers a range of different replacement windows in Toronto in all styles, shapes, and finishes. We pride ourselves in offering fully customisable, high quality windows and frames that can be made to suit any style or decor. From bay windows to awnings, we are guaranteed to have a fixture that will have buyers clamouring to snap up your property.

Enhanced Interior Protection

Another thing that replacement windows in Toronto can improve in your home is enhanced interior protection. Older windows do not offer much in the way of light filtering technology to protect interior furnishings. Ultraviolet light is one of the key things that can destroy wood, laminate, and carpets in the home. The rays from the sun can breakdown pigments and fibres in these materials, leading to fading, brittleness, and deterioration.  All of these can lead to a decrease in value of your home through unattractive discolouration or worn down fixtures.

Modern replacement windows often come with low-E coatings and light filtering elements that help protect the interior of your home from light damage. These special compounds actively reflect UV and infrared light to limit damage done to your flooring and countertops, improving the value of your home. By protecting your interiors from harmful radiation, your home will have increased longevity and attract more attention from buyers.

Better Energy Efficiency

Toronto replacement windows offer greatly enhanced energy efficiency compared to older window styles.

Older window styles, especially from any time earlier than the 1990s, generally had very thing panes and frames with minimal insulation. This results in substantial heat lost through conduction and drafts, increasing the energy required to keep the interior temperature constant with an HVAC system. These days, many buyers are particularly focused on energy efficient fixtures and elements to not only save them money on their hydro bills, but also to do their bit for the environment and decrease their carbon footprints. Replacement windows can help tick all of these boxes with a range of energy efficient technologies. These include multiple panes, insulating gas fills, engineered frame materials, and special pane spacers. These combine to create windows with dramatically improved energy efficiency. This can add thousands in value to your home as buyers realise they will be able to save on their energy bills every month.

Energy Efficient Technologies & Adding Value To Homes - Clera Windows + Doors

Prevention of Rust & Mould

Replacement windows can help stop the spread of rust, mould, and other undesirable conditions from affecting the value of your home. Poor window seals are one of the leading causes of rust and mould entering the home. By not effectively sealing out air, excess moisture can come in and begin to rust metal fixtures. Rust can be extremely hard to remove and often requires complete replacement of whatever it touches, which can lead to costly repairs. Mould is also a fan of increased moisture, leading to potentially harmful build up of fungus on dry wall and in crawl spaces. Mould can not only damage your walls, but also the health of your family through increase spores in the air. Replacement windows in Toronto not only keep the cold air out during winter, but also help to regulate moisture inside your home. This helps to prevent rust and mould build up throughout your home, protecting your fixtures, walls, and family’s health. Buyers will recognise this as well and potentially be willing to pay more to secure a home that already has modern windows installed. Are you looking for the best replacement windows Toronto has to offer, contact Clera Windows + Doors today. We have been serving the local community for over 40 years, and our commitment to excellence has built us a loyal customer following. All of our windows and doors are made in our Ontario manufacturing facility to the strictest specifications. We pride ourselves on our high quality windows and professional installation services. To add instant value and curb appeal to your home, call one of our window experts today.

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