What are the advantages of vinyl windows?

January 30, 2014



Advantages Of Vinyl Windows - Clera Windows + Doors

Window frames made of vinyl have gained popularity in recent decades, largely replacing steel, aluminum, and wood since the 1970s. More architects and home builders in Ontario are recommending vinyl windows because of the attractiveness, energy efficiency, and ease of maintenance of this material. People fixing up their home should consider these factors when making renovation plans.

1. Better curb appeal

Home owners who want to boost the value of their home often replace older wooden or metal-framed windows with vinyl. The crisp, clean lines of vinyl frames help create an impression of newness. By replacing worn-out wooden casements or rusty metal frames with vinyl, you can increase the beauty of your home, helping to maximize your profits in the real estate market.

Older homes often feature metal and wooden frames that have gone out of style, making them harder to replace. In some cases, this leads to situations where one house may combine several different styles of window frames, leaving the house with a patchwork appearance.

But vinyl windows are available in all styles, meaning that you can upgrade all your windows at the same time. This unity of design will improve the attractiveness of your home.

2. Energy efficiency means cost savings and convenience

Vinyl is a great insulator, meaning that it keeps your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer. In contrast to other materials, the insulating qualities of vinyl will help reduce your energy bills throughout the year.

Old windows made of wood lose their charm as they deteriorate over the years, becoming loose and making the building drafty and cool, and adding to your heating bill. Windows made of aluminum, on the other hand, have low thermal resistance, meaning that they serve as poor bulwarks against the extreme weather of Ontario.

Vinyl windows are resilient in all types of weather. Unlike wood, which becomes warped in the humid summer months, the shape of vinyl windows tends to remain fixed. That means that windows open and close with ease, instead of getting jammed.

3. Low maintenance

With the recent advent of paints that adhere to vinyl at the molecular level, it is now possible to paint vinyl windows any colour that you want and expect that finish to last 10 years or more without undue fading or flaking! Unlike other materials, vinyl never corrodes or rusts.

For vinyl window installation services in Ontario, contact Clera windows. Our family-run company has been in operation since 1978, improving more than 200,000 homes.

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