The Benefits of Working with a Window Manufacturer/Installer

May 20, 2013



 Benefits Of Working With A Window Manufacturer - Clera Windows + Doors

Why should you choose a company that can both make the windows and install them? They have some distinct advantages over the competition. Streamlining, warranty and communication are just a few of the advantages that this manufacturing/installation process has over others.

The Streamlined Price

You may think you’d be getting a better price by shopping around and picking and choosing the most affordable options from a factory and then an installation company, but it’s not always the case.

Every time a product goes from business to business, it is marked up. Each business wants to make a cut of the profits, and by the time everyone gets their cut, you’re left paying for at least two businesses – one to manufacture, and one to install. This doesn’t happen with a company that both manufactures and installs the products. When there is only one company, there is only one price. This way, you’re going to get the whole process for a better rate than you would if you had to go through two or three companies.

Effective Warranties

A warranty from a company that controls every part of the manufacturing and installation process means more than a warranty that can only cover the installation. This makes it easy – there’s just one company you will ever have to approach. No matter what concern you have, there will be no calling two different companies seven or eight times just to find out the answer to your question.

On the same side, you may have two warranties to deal with once the installation is complete. With two warranties, there is the possibility that each company will claim that the other one is responsible for fixing any problem you are having, making both warranties absolutely useless.


A window and door company that communicates directly with the factory can ensure that the window is built the way it should be. If something has gone wrong during the process, the installation portion goes right to the factory portion and sets it right. On the same token, a company that has to ship a window to an installation company may send it to the wrong address – more than once. This costs time and money, and by the time the window gets to the installation company, nobody can remember whom it was supposed to go out to in the first place.

Having a window factory separate from the installation company is tantamount to ‘too many cooks in the kitchen.’ It can get a bit crowded inside, and the result is more time taken to install windows and more money coming out of your pockets. With a window company that controls the process, you’ve got the advantage of price, warranties and communication.

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