The Difference Between Vinyl Storm Doors and Aluminum Storm Doors

September 17, 2013



Difference Between Vinyl Storm Doors & Aluminum Storm Doors - Clera Windows + Doors

Home repair can be daunting for many homeowners because there are almost always so many choices. This is true even for storm doors. They are constructed mainly of two main materials: vinyl and aluminum. Does it matter which material you choose? There are benefits and disadvantages to both. Learn more about these two common materials and which one you should choose for your home.

Vinyl Storm Doors

An advantage of vinyl doors is that they are available in many designs and colors, so you’re sure to find one that matches our home’s décor. They are also the same color throughout. This means that holes and scratches are easier to hide. They are also fairly resistant to rust, which makes them ideal for Canada’s cold winters. Vinyl storm doors are also good insulators. They keep homes warm in winter and cooler in the summer, keeping energy bills low.

Aluminum Storm Doors

Aluminum storm doors are nice-looking and durable. They are very heavy duty and offer a high level of security. They can stand up to extreme temperatures without damage. They are also resistant to humidity and moisture.

Which Storm Door is Best for Your Home?

Get all the facts before committing to a storm door. Clera Windows and Doors can help you choose the right storm door for your home’s needs. Call us today at 1-844-738-7362 for a no-obligation estimate.

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