6 Ways to Spruce Up Your Living Room For Spring

June 9, 2018



6 Ways To Spruce Up Your Living Room For Spring - Clera Windows + Doors

As the days get longer and the warm weather rolls in, you’re probably feeling inspired to freshen up your home’s living area to reflect the bright and sunny weather outside. It’s a great time to make use of lighter colours, cooler fabrics, and fresh new textiles to furnish your home. What better way to free yourself from the winter blues than to prettify your environment? Here are 6 easy ways to instantly spruce up your living room for Spring:

Repaint old furniture

This is a cost-effective way of getting brand new looking furniture without the having to spend a pretty penny on new pieces. Consider repainting an old coffee table or side tables in a bright new pastel shade, giving the room a pop of colour it needs this Spring. Annie Sloan Chalk paint is a beautiful and versatile paint that is perfect for this type of project and can be purchased at a local stockist in your area. Take your painting projects outdoors and enjoy being out in the warm weather. Repainting furniture is certainly a DIY project that is both efficient and therapeutic.

New pillows, textiles, and wall hangings

Switch up your cozy wool throws and heavy pillows for lighter textures and colours. Just like we switch up our wardrobe to embrace warm weather, we can do the same for with our “living room wardrobe”. As you have the longer days of sun pouring through your windows, you’ll want to keep the room cool and bright with using less pillows, bright colours, patterns, and perhaps folding away your cozy throw blankets. This should make for a clutter-free and spacious living area.

Lighter window treatments

During the winter, you probably hung heavier window treatments and kept them drawn in order to keep the cold air from spilling into the room. During the Spring, there’s no longer a need to cover up your windows and hide away from treacherous weather conditions. Your Springtime window treatments should be designed to frame the beautiful sights of the green grass and blooming flowers. To maintain your privacy at night while still enjoying an uninterrupted view during the day, try reclaimed wood shutters or roll shades, they are a very popular choice for the season.

Potted houseplants

Adorn your table tops with fresh new potted houseplants and floral arrangements. You might as well take advantage of the longer days of sun and grow your own plants at home. Not only does it add a fresh pop of colour and dimension to the room, but most people find caring for houseplants therapeutic and rewarding. Place your houseplants in an area of your home that gets a lot of natural light and proper ventilation. Your home’s best accessory is it’s windows and their ability to let the natural light highlight your home’s decor, as well as properly ventilating your home. Having fresh air flowing through your home promotes healthy living. With the warm Spring weather upon us, you should be able to enjoy the benefits of your home windows in your living area. If your windows are old and no longer functioning as well as they used to, it may be time to replace them. Find out more about new energy-efficient designs and styles from your local Clera Windows and Doors representative. Contact Clera today to set up a free consultation 1 888-738-0738.

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