Three Ways To Add Fresh Air To Your Bedroom Space

March 23, 2016



Adding Fresh Air To Your Bedroom - Clera Windows + Doors

With the winter now here and homeowners shutting their windows to prevent the cool air making its way into the home, it’s becoming more difficult for many to get the fresh air they need while inside their home.

The bedroom spaces can become stuffy and stale and so within this latest article, we’ll highlight three ways to add fresh air to your bedroom areas.

  1. Install Larger Windows

Most bedrooms, especially in townhouses, have small, uninviting windows that let in minimal sunlight and air, even on the nicest days. However with a small home renovation, you’ll be able to let in not only more air, but fresh air.

Installing either bigger windows or simply different windows with more opening options will make a drastic difference in the airflow and air quality in your room.

  1. Add Indoor Plants

Indoor plants such as orchids, palms and lilies can improve the air within the bedroom space significantly. They produce oxygen into the atmosphere within the home and increase the amount of breathable air available to homeowners. But in order to obtain maximum value for their investment in indoor plants, it’s important that property owners learn how to maintain the plant over the long-term. Starting with low maintenance plants such as orchids is ideal for the beginner.

  1. Dust with a Damp Cloth

Cleaning is a critical step to achieving fresh air within the bedroom space. Many homeowners don’t recognize the value that cleaning can have within the bedroom area.

Apart from making the space look better, cleaning can help to remove the dust and allergens from areas such as flooring and walls. Simply dusting with a damp cloth every few weeks can significantly enhance the breathability of the air within the home.

  1. Bathe and Groom Pets

Pet owners might be surprised to learn that pet dander is one of the most common allergens within their home. By having their dogs cleaned and groomed on a regular basis throughout the winter season, they can prevent hair remnants being spread throughout the bedroom space and causing allergy issues for owners.

By understanding the leading causes of allergies and breathing issues in the average home, property owners can significantly improve the quality of the air entering their bedroom space. To learn more, speak with our trusted team today!

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