Choosing the Right Windows for Your Home Office

January 20, 2021



Right Windows for Your Home Office - Clera Windows + Doors

A home office is a special place in the house that deserves deliberate attention in terms of design and furnishing. It should strike the balance between being a calming space and also making you feel a sense of productive energy. So perhaps you’ve picked out your ergonomic office chair already along with a desk that fits your needs. You may have chosen a wall colour or colour accents that inspire creativity. Maybe you even have a few potted plants here and there, a miniature fountain, or chic decor. But then, even after arranging all of these, something could still be missing - and that may well be a good home office window.

Most modern workplaces have vast windows that fill the space with sunlight during the day. And one of the reasons behind this is that architects and designers of such spaces understand the beneficial effect of sunlight on mental health and productivity. So taking this into consideration, you will need at least one well-sized window in your home office. Apart from the size, you would also need to pick the best type that fits your desired aesthetic and functional preferences.

In this article, we will lay down some helpful tips on how to choose the best window type for your home office. Let’s get started!

Choose The Best Window Type For Home Office - Clera Windows + Doors

1. Think of Your Needs and Have a Vision

The very first step is to think about what your ideal home office would be like. Here are a few questions that you should be thinking about:

  • Where would your desk be? Would you like your desk to face directly towards the window?
  • How will you place your devices in relation to the window so as to avoid glare on your screen?
  • How would the window work with the other decor that you have in your home office?
  • Would you like to have bow windows and a window seat to have a place to rest every now and then?

Once you already have an idea of what your home office space is, it’s time to consider your options.

2. Know The Window Types or Window Styles That You Can Choose From

If you want to view all window choices along with their pictures and unique advantages, you can look at our window selection. At Clera Windows + Doors, we specialize in making sturdy, energy-efficient windows of just about any style - including custom windows.

However, amidst all the windows we can make, the following are our picks as the best home office window styles:

Casement Windows

Casement windows have a sash that swings horizontally on a hinge. This is a common window choice for the modern home and is versatile enough to work with just about any kind of room. The main advantage of these windows is that they open wide, allowing for full ventilation from top to bottom of the window opening.

Awning Windows

Home offices can be situated in different parts of the house. If you have chosen an area adjacent to the downward slope of the roof - and this is where you want your window to be - then awning windows are the best choice for this. These windows swing on a hinge much like casement windows. But instead of swinging horizontally, they open right from the bottom of the window.

The main advantage of awning windows is, aside from the good ventilation they offer, they can be left open even while it’s raining moderately. The sash (panel) will keep rainwater from entering the window opening, even while it’s open.

Single/Double Slider Windows

Yet another versatile window type that can suit your home office well are slider windows. These windows have a horizontal configuration, allowing plenty of sunlight to splash into the room. They also do not have sashes that open outward, making them the best choice if your home office is adjacent to a porch, patio, or walkway.

A single slider window means that only one of the window sashes (panels) move horizontally, while a double slider window means that both sashes can move horizontally. Either way, the slider windows we manufacture here at Clera Windows + Doors have a tilting mechanism to allow for easy cleaning of the outside of the sash (panel.)

Single/double Slider Windows For Easy Cleaning - Clera Windows + Doors

Bay and Bow Windows

Earlier we talked about the option of having a window seat in your home office. This window seat would work the best with bay and bow windows. In most house designs, these windows work best on the ground floor of the home. Unlike the other window types, bay and bow windows offer the unique advantage of adding a bit to the home’s area.

Bay and bow windows are projection windows that are composed of multiple panels that form a structure that protrudes from the exterior wall. The difference between a bay and a bow window is that bay windows form a trapezoidal shape while bow windows form a more gentle curve.  

One thing to consider, however, when adding this type of window to your home office is the feeling it gives off, design-wise. These windows aren’t found in the typical office setting; they are much more common in home settings - so if you’re seeking to have a design in your home office space that makes it feel a little distanced from the home environment, you may want to consider other window types.  

Fixed Windows

All windows from a trusted manufacturer like Clera Windows + Doors have a noise reduction advantage when they are closed - this is due to the use of our Super Spacer® platform. However, because fixed windows are made of solid glass through and through and fixed right on to the wall, they offer even more noise reduction at any time of the day. They can also be made in virtually any shape. Since these windows do not open, however, they are best for simply creating a source of sunshine and/or showcasing a good view; they should also be only for home offices that do not need ventilation from a window.

3. Consider the Pros and Cons of Different Window Materials

Apart from window styles, you would also need to consider the material that makes up your home office window. First, there’s the matter of the glass. Not all glass on all windows is alike. It’s best to go with double pane windows that have sufficient spacing in order to reduce noise and to add a level of energy efficiency.

Then there’s the matter of what the window frame is made of. Understandably, traditional wood and aluminum would require some maintenance to avoid rotting and corrosion respectively. This is why most high-quality modern windows are made of uPVC vinyl. This material is so sturdy that your window will serve you, free of maintenance, for 20 - 30 years or more.

Home Office Windows That Have Everything You Need

Choosing the best home office windows takes numerous factors into account, such as aesthetics, window area, sturdiness, insulation, UV protection, and even noise reduction. Could one window have all these qualities? The answer is yes.

The beautiful windows that we manufacture and install here at Clera Windows + Doors are designed to have it all. We are passionate about creating high-performance, innovative, modern windows that will completely transform your home.

Our sealed glass units make use of Hydraglass 50™ warm edge technology on the Super Spacer® platform. This ensures a high level of energy efficiency as well as noise reduction properties. The windows are also made of 100% uPVC vinyl which gives the windows their sturdiness; they won’t need any maintenance and will serve you well for years to come. And to top it all off, our sleek windows can match any aesthetic preference and will enhance your home’s appearance from the inside and out.

Got questions for us? Please feel free to reach out to us.

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