Top 5 Winter Front Porches to Inspire You

November 18, 2019


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Winter Front Porches - Clera Windows + Doors

Regardless of whether or not you have the best windows and doors in Hamilton (which, by the way, you should!), you can still decorate your front porch for the winter season in some amazing ways, no matter the size.

1. A Small Winter Porch

A Small Winter Porch - Clera Windows + Doors

The top spot has to go to a lovely little porch design made by Joanna who runs A Pretty Life in the Suburbs blog who did not go out and buy things specifically for this, but instead, used things she already had in her home.

This clever lady utilised colours that are seen in the natural winter world like logs, rustic looking crates and bare branches. She also made a gorgeous wreath for the front windows and doors in Hamilton out of twigs collected during the season. Even though her porch is somewhat small, the result is inviting and calming, regardless of the size.

The blogger even constructed a cosy seeming seating area. She incorporated a gorgeous, knitted blanket, one winter themed cushion, other natural trinkets and some LED candles which gives off a very tranquil vibe. It really is a space you would want to spend some time appreciating.

2. The Modern Farmhouse Winter Vibe

Modern Farmhouse Winter Vibe - Clera Windows + Doors

Kierste, from the blog Simply Kierste, incorporates her summer outdoor furniture into her winter porch to limit the amount of money she has to spend on making a delightful, seasonal front entryway.

The wicker basket that, in the warmer months holds plants, has been utilised as a bin for storing logs that is not just functional, but also beautiful and rustic. Plus, she has taken a chair from her patio set and adorned it with two cushions — one plaid, one with a welcome message — which generates a cosy vibe, as well as the windows and doors in Hamilton which she put to good use in the project.

The icing on this Christmassy cake is the green wreath that is both full and luscious but still manages to have an air of bare winter about it. This porch is truly lovely.

3. The Rustic Look

The Rustic Look - Clera Windows + Doors

The lady who runs the blog named Dandelion Patina, Michelle, has achieved a stunning visual aesthetic for her front porch this season.

She is lucky enough to own gorgeous, wooden outdoor rocking chairs anyway which already give off a luscious atmosphere but she had incorporated some evergreen hanging baskets to the ceiling of her long porch to emphasise the winter feeling.

Michelle went to extra effort too! She added straw bales under the windows and doors in Hamilton to act as cute little window seats (or a table for the rocking chairs) and even threw in a blanket as additional padding. Plus, she decided to fill a couple of window boxes with evergreen branches and dried flowers to ramp up the breath-taking aesthetic.

Of course, she could not control the weather, but the snow on the ground outside really adds to the vibe.

4. The Winter Planter Trend

The Winter Planter Trend - Clera Windows + Doors

Heather’s (she runs a blog called Settings for Four) huge planters which sit either side of her front door, had to make it onto our top 5 list — how could they not? If you have space, you should definitely give it a try this season.

She wholly believes in a technique called “thrill, fill and spill” when it comes to the big plant pots. What does this mean? Well, essentially you need height (thrill), colour (fill), texture (fill) and finally, something that goes over the sides of the planter (spill).I

n her design, she has implemented this ideology magnificently! The towering silver birch branches make up the height, pinecones and weeping willow cut offs work as the fill and the spill comes from the overflowing evergreen branches. It goes to show that you should practice what you preach, doesn’t it? Making use of Clera’s range of windows and doors in Hamilton is another way to take advantage of this latest trend in exterior design.

5. Cosy in The Cold

Cosy In The Cold - Clera Windows + Doors

Amy from the blog named Atta Girl Says, decided to make her porch’s seating area into a really Christmas themed, cosy nook and it has worked amazingly well!

To her white metal bench (which fits the season very nicely on its own) she has added six throw pillows which feature snowflakes and reindeers. Of course, these have been strategically placed to create symmetry and tremendously please the eye. A creamy grey knitted blanket dresses the bench too.

For an additional cutesy touch, she has filled a red metal basket with fake snowballs made from cotton wool which is just adorable. Not to mention the chalkboard that reads “you’re never too old for a snowball fight” — how lovely!

Additional Ways That Didn’t Quite Make the Top 5

There are so many other beautiful winter porches that we believe need a mention but could not quite place in our top five ratings; so, here they are.

The Cheery Porch Atmosphere

The “cheery” aspect of this porch comes from the yellow colour of the front door mainly so could be rather hard to replicate. However, the twins over at Lolly Jane have adorned their bright entry way with luscious green wreaths and a decorative red, white and green bow to ramp up the cheer factor.

Winter Urns for The Porch

Sarah, who runs Sarah Henderson Interiors, has incorporated fake winter flowers into random greenery she found in her garden into urns. The really amazing aspect of this creation though, is that Sarah used leaves to keep her arrangements in place — you don’t even have to spend money on floral foam!

Wintery Wreaths

You probably already have a load of fallen twigs outside which is the main aspect of this sort of wintery wreath. Aside from that, all you need is some strong glue and a wreath frame and you are good to go.

Flannel Wreath Door Décor

Sadie at Sadie Seasongoods created a beautiful wreath from an older version, and some cut up plaid shirts. She pins all of the strips into place, so no sewing is required either — win win!

Quick and Easy Christmassy Porch

Deborah Silver, a landscape designer, perfectly utilised some outdoor plant containers to spruce up her porch almost effortlessly. Just make sure to use evergreens, pinecones and the like to represent the winter theme we are all trying to achieve!


Whether you’ve taken inspiration from the above projects, or whether you’re just in the market for some new windows and doors in Hamilton, feel free to get in touch with us here at Clera Windows & Doors today. We’d love to help you out with your latest DIY spree.

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