Should I Buy My Windows Straight From The Manufacturer?

June 20, 2019



Should I Buy My Windows Straight From The Manufacturer - Clera Windows + Doors

There’s no doubt that Investing in your home can be costly, and “getting it right” can be tricky without a bit of dedicated time and research.

When it comes to replacement windows in Toronto, there are a few ways to go about the process. Ontario is filled with numerous window vendors, from boutique storefronts selling designer products to all-in-one companies offering housemade products.

Traditionally, purchasing directly from manufacturers has led to doubts on product quality and value-- but we’re here to help break down those myths and provide information on the manufacturer-to-installation process.

Buy Windows Straight From The Manufacturer - Clera Windows + Doors


Before you shop for replacement windows, it’s important to set a budget for your window replacement project. That way, you can decide what products you’re willing to invest your hard-earned money into!

Many consumers purchase windows from boutique stores in order to receive high-end, designer products. Not only are they paying high prices for these products, but they’re additionally paying a premium for the third party (the boutique) that’s making the sale. As a result, buyers are needlessly spending thousands of dollars on their windows. Of course, this isn’t a major concern for those that can afford it, but for those that want the best value for their dollar, there are other options to get unique, custom crafted windows at lower costs.

By working with window vendors that manufacture your replacement windows in Toronto directly, you can save big bucks! Plus, working with a “one stop shop” such as Clera Windows can cut costs from avoiding third party sales, installation and delivery costs.


Typically, customers visit boutique vendors for unique products or windows by high-end, exclusive designers. However, what many consumers may not know is that you can get unique, one-of-a-kind products with manufacturers as well! In fact, by working with manufacturers directly, you can be part of the process step by step to ensure you’re getting the windows of your dreams!

Amongst many first-time window buyers, there is a shared misconception that factory direct products are mass produced and therefore unoriginal. While that may be the case with some manufacturers, other manufacturers offer unique, prime replacement windows in Toronto! It’s all a matter of working with the right window provider.

Here at Clera Windows, we offer specialty windows in which you can choose the shape of the glass panelling, finishes, and trim colour on your own-- creating the perfect window unique to your abode.


Working directly with a manufacturer vs boutique vendors can mean that you can install incorporate practical features that improve the overall quality of your windows. While designers focus on beauty and aesthetics, manufacturers direct the same amount of focus on practical and functional features in addition to the visual appeal of products. Some of these features include security locks, finishes, and energy star rated glass panelling.

Energy star products are endorsed by the government and are resultantly developed with incredible quality. In the window production world, only the top 15 to 30 percent of all products meet the rigorous, high requirements of the Energy Star brand. Each and every energy star product is tested in a number of ways, including an analysis of potential solar gain in conjunction with a heat-loss test and air leakage tests.

To receive an energy star rating, manufacturers must meet the varying criteria from product to product. Door and window products are usually rated based on their energy rating (ER) or u-factor (measure of the rate of heat loss). Ratings are also developed based on three different, predetermined climate zones in Canada. Toronto, for example, is considered to be Zone 2, in which windows and doors will only receive an energy star rating if products have a maximum U-factor of 1.40 or minimum energy rating of 29.

If you’re in the market for energy star products, it’s important to be aware of companies faking their way through the accreditation process. To increase sales, certain companies make it seem as though they’ve been approved by Energy star. To ensure you’re purchasing real energy star rated replacement windows in Toronto, purchase window products that are certified by reputable third parties. Trusted third parties typically conduct audits regularly and use a mix of methods to test products in-house.

One of Canada’s top accredited third parties meeting the energy star requirements is the CSA group. The CSA group consists of two organizations, certification and inspection, as well as standards development and testing. With over 100 years of experience, they have become a reputable source for testing nationwide.


Just like improved energy efficiency, installation can make a massive difference if you’re working with a manufacturer vs a boutique store.

Several replacement window manufacturers in Toronto offer impressive installation rates in comparison to stores. As a purchaser, it is crucial to have windows professionally installed to get the final result you’re seeking. One method to guarantee flawless installation is to ensure your installers are properly trained, and have been subjected to frequent and random on-site installation inspections by both head office and local personnel. To make sure your windows are installed properly, use a certified installation quality control checklist!

Clera windows is proud to serve as a high quality, one stop shop for replacement windows in Toronto. We’ll guide you through the window replacement process, from choosing the windows right for your personal and financial needs, to getting our experienced and seasoned installation team properly fixing your windows. Contact us today if you’d like to learn how our products can elevate your home!

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