What are Smart Locks?

May 15, 2015



Smart Locks - Clera Windows + Doors

Imagine opening your front door with your phone. While this once was the stuff of science fiction, it’s now become science fact, thanks to the introduction of so-called ‘smart locks.’

As various traditional products are increasingly shaken up (or, to use the techno-wizard term, disrupted) by digital network-enable technologies, it was only a matter of time before the humble and simple door lock would be brought into the 21st century.

New companies specializing in the smart-door openers have flooded the market in seemingly no time at all, yet all these new smart lock devices share one thing in common – they can be operated using a web-linked device, such as your smartphone or even a website app.

These smart locks come in different shapes and sizes. Some are adaptable, and fit right over your existing lock – giving it a major injection of high-tech IQ. Others will entirely replace your existing lock system, for a more significant and feature-rich overhaul.

So check out these awesome smart lock models. And if you’re thinking about making the plunge with a smart lock, come talk to the door specialists here at Clera for expert advice.

Kevo Lock

This one got some airtime on the TV show Shark Tank. A full-system lock, it can be controlled by Apple iPhones using a wireless Bluetooth connection. What’s more, you can actually open the lock simply by tapping it with your finger.


This is an adaptable smart lock that fits snugly right overtop of your existing deadbolt – no major installation work required. The Lockitron is compatible with all major smartphones, which can unlock it with a simple tap. This lock will also send you notifications whenever someone opens it – giving you extra security.


This minimal smart lock is certainly a looker, designed by Yves Behar. One cool feature is that the August smart lock doesn’t need you to tap it with your finger or phone to recognize you and open up. Instead, it can pick up signals from your phone whenever it is in the immediate area – letting you unlock you front door without taking your smartphone out of your pocket.


This crowd-funded disc-shaped smart lock fits over your existing lock. It has a small LED screen that will display messages (even saying hello) and even features a built-in camera that will take photos of those who are coming and going.

No matter which lock you go with, it’s not going to protect your home unless it’s on a strong and secure door. For the best in sturdy door instillation, contact the experts at Clera!

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