The Best Windows For Maximising Natural Light

February 12, 2019



Best Windows For Maximising Natural Light - Clera Windows + Doors

If natural light is what you are looking for if your home, windows are the key.

However, not all windows in Toronto are created equal when it comes to letting more of the sun’s rays into your house. Some windows are designed more for ventilation, while some others are meant more for privacy.

So which are the best windows for maximising natural light in your home?

There are several window types that are ideal for bringing the light inside that can work with a range of different decors. We’ve put together a complete guide for choosing the right windows in Toronto to get some extra light into your rooms.

Low Profile Fixed Windows

Low Profile Fixed Windows - Clera Windows + Doors

Fixed windows, also known as picture windows, are an ideal replacement window for enhancing natural light in any space.

These windows are non-moving, allowing them to have the maximum amount of glass available within the structure. Fixed windows can be made to almost any size and shape to suit the space, and the frame can be customised to match with whatever decor you might have. These windows have special low profile frames, designed to increase the amount of light coming in by using minimalist framing techniques.

These windows work excellently in floor-to-ceiling arrangements, as these elements do not need to be moved and they can provide unparalleled light and scenic views. If you’re looking for a show stopping view for your new home, low profile fixed windows in Toronto are just what you need.

End Vent Slider Windows

End Vent Slider Windows - Clera Windows + Doors

For the best in both ventilation and natural light, end vent slider windows could be the perfect choice for you.

These windows are made up of three separate panes of glass to offer increased visibility and light. The two side sashes slide towards the middle of the window, allowing for effective cross ventilation and ease of operation. This style of window opens inward making them ideal for buildings where external elements would interfere with an outward swinging fixture.

End vent sliding doors in Toronto make a fantastic addition to any home, especially during the warmer months. During summer, the windows can be opened for a cooling breeze while letting in as much sunlight as possible. Clera Windows + Doors offers an extensive range of end vent sliding windows for our valued customers. Our windows are built with exclusive HydraGlass 50 technology, allowing for maximum energy efficiency during both warm and cold weather. Recessed finger latches provide a clean and neat appearance, while integrated drainage flaps keep moisture and insects at bay.

Bay And Bow Windows

End Vent Slider Windows - Clera Windows + Doors

Considered one of the most iconic windows in Toronto, bay and bow windows can be seen all over the city in row homes and freestanding houses alike.

These gorgeous fixtures usually feature three long panes in a curved shape that extends out from the facade of the home. They can be fixed or functional, and allow in sunlight from three directions to maximise the amount of natural light in the room. Bow windows tend to be more curved than bay windows in Toronto, involving more panes in a tighter configuration. Either option is guaranteed to add drama and elegance to any home, increasing curb appeal and adding thousands in value to your home.

Clera Windows + Doors offers an extensive range of bay and bow window configurations to suit every design. Our models combine the best in visibility and ventilation with fixed and casement options available on all models.

Awning Windows

Awning Windows For Natural Light & Visibility - Clera Windows + Doors

Another classic option for any window in Toronto is the awning window.

These windows are like fixed picture windows, except they open via crank mechanism from the bottom. This allows for enhanced ventilation while maintaining exceptional natural light and visibility to outside. Awning windows are especially useful in areas where rain can enter the home, as the bottom opening prevents rain from coming through while still providing access to fresh air.

Our awning windows in Toronto are the premier option for homeowners looking to add extra brightness to their properties. Made on the Super Spacer platform with HydraGlass 50 coating, our awning windows offer the best in energy efficiency and heat retention. Low profile opening mechanisms and latches allow for a minimalist look without interfering with curtains or drapes. Combined with argon gas infill and Low-E glass, you’ll be hard pressed to find a better energy rating on a window in Toronto.

Double Or Single Slider Tilt Windows

Double Or Single Slider Tilt Windows - Clera Windows + Doors

These traditional style windows are ideal for locations that require a lower profile opening mechanism without sacrificing ventilation and natural light.

Double or single slider tilt windows feature one or two casement windows that slide easily from one side to the other. They also tilt inwards for enhanced ventilation, removing the possibility of interfering with external features such as landscaping or driveways. These make them ideal for children’s rooms as well, as they offer enhanced safety.

Clera Windows + Doors is proud to offer one of the most extensive ranges of double and single slider tilt windows in Toronto. All our windows are built with the Canadian climate in mind, offering enhanced energy efficiency and protection from the harsh winter. Extra security latches provide peace of mind, with stell (not plastic) latches and locks for increased sturdiness and longevity.

If you are looking for replacement windows in Toronto with a focus on natural light, contact Clera Windows + Doors today. We build our all our windows right here in Toronto, and our fully licensed and insured installation experts make customer satisfaction their top priority. All our windows come with a comprehensive warranty, so you can rest easy knowing you’re covered for life.

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