The Barndominium: 4 Canadian Examples

March 16, 2022


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The Barndominium - Clera Windows + Doors

Is it a barn? Is it a warehouse? No, it’s a barndominium! But what is a barndominium exactly? 

Fondly called “barndo,” it is typically a large metal structure that is supported by a concrete slab. Just like other types of homes, barndominium interiors feature a comfortable living space inside and are equipped with high-quality plumbing systems, energy-efficient windows, and insulation. 

As mentioned above, these homes tend to resemble a barn, a warehouse, or a cross between the two. Aside from “what is a barndominium?” being a top search query, many people also ask this question: “Why are barndominiums becoming such a popular choice for Canadians?” 

Let’s explore the many advantages of living in a barndominium and look at a few examples of barndominiums in Canada.

What Is a Barndominium?

As we’ve touched on earlier, some of the distinguishing features of a typical barndominium include the following: 

  • An all-metal construction;
  • Spray foam insulation or rigid board insulation;
  • A shape similar to a barn or warehouse;
  • High roofs (typically gabled) and a large living space;
  • Exposed joists or roof beans that further accentuate the high roofs;
  • An exterior colour scheme of a traditional barn (i.e. red, brown, and white) or that of a modern farmhouse (white, gray, and charcoal); and
  • Energy-efficient windows

What Are the Benefits of a Barndominium?

Now that we’ve answered the question “what is a barndominium?” let’s go over the reasons why this home style is trending. 

When asked to think of an ideal home, not many would instinctively see a barn or a warehouse. Furthermore, many wouldn’t say at the get-go that they prefer a metal house. However, many are drawn to the uniqueness of a barndominium, while it’s an unshakeable acquired taste for others. 

The look of a barndominium is grand yet homey, nostalgic yet fresh, and grounded yet dreamy. This unique blend of characteristics makes barndominiums an exciting choice for homeowners across the country. The best part is, the beauty of barndominiums isn’t skin deep, because they offer all of these practical benefits too: 

  • Cost-effectiveness of construction makes larger homes more accessible;
  • Higher ceilings offer a feeling of spaciousness;
  • The durable all-metal construction is ready to face heavy Canadian winters.

Examples of Barndominiums in Canada

1. Modern Barndominium in Ontario

The Barndominium: 4 Canadian Examples - Clera Windows + Doors

This barndominium property in Ontario was also constructed by Olympia Steel Buildings of Canada. With its cream exterior walls and its charcoal roof and accents, it is also reminiscent of the modern farmhouse colour scheme. However, unlike the first example on this list, this property leans away from the traditional look of barndominium exteriors. 

One of the most noticeable features that gives this barndominium a more modern look is the absence of a gabled roof. Instead, this property has a flat, charcoal-coloured roof. Furthermore, instead of the usual double-hung windows with grilles, this barndominium uses tinted slider windows and tinted fixed windows

This example shows us that barndominiums do not always have one look; some embody more minimalist and modern influences. At the end of the day, it’s all about your preferences as a homeowner. Even if you lean away from traditional barndominium design elements, you’re still getting the full suite of practical benefits that this unique type of home has to offer.  

2. Sprawling Prefab Barndominium in Canada

Sprawling Prefab Barndominium In Canada - Clera Windows + Doors

Next up on our list is a sprawling, single-story barndominium by Prefab Housing Canada. The low and narrow design of this property gives it the look of a ranch house mixed with a modern barn. 

The colour scheme here is a mix of traditional and modern. On one hand, we have a dominant brown colour reminiscent of wooden barns. On the other hand, we also have large amounts of charcoal, which is a popular colour choice for modern farmhouses. Together, these colours balance each other out and create a unique and grounded look. 

What’s so distinctly barn-like about this property is the presence of white windows that add a pop from the brown and charcoal exterior. Many traditional barns have this kind of accent. However, the style of the windows themselves (i.e. slider windows) suggests a more modern look. 

So what’s the final verdict? Is this bardominium more modern or traditional? We can say for sure that it’s a lovely mix of the two. 

3. A Charming Prefab Barndominium in Canada

A Charming Prefab Barndominium In Canada - Clera Windows + Doors

This relatively smaller barndominium by Prefab Housing Canada sits amidst colourful landscaping. We know what you’re thinking — this gem of a barndominium looks like it came straight out of a storybook. 

This example shows that barndominiums can come in all sizes, depending on the needs of the homeowner. Even though larger and grander barndominiums are more common, this style is suitable for medium-sized or smaller properties as well.

We see a modern colour scheme at play here, but with the traditional-looking gabled roof. However, what really makes this property lean more towards a traditional look is the presence of double hung windows with matching grilles for the doors. This gives an unmistakable nostalgic and country-chic look. 

1. Traditional Barndominium in Ontario

This barndominium property in Ontario was constructed by Olympia Steel Buildings of Canada. It features white exterior walls and a light gray gabled roof. This colour scheme is similar to what we see in many modern farmhouses and makes it look fresh and new.

Similar to many other barndominiums, the house is relatively large and has a high roof. Since the roof is gabled (which is common in many classic barns), it contributes to the barndominium look. 

In order to provide natural light to such a large living area, windows are distributed throughout the structure. We can see in this example how the double-hung windows with grilles (a popular window choice for barndominiums) are able to reinforce the traditional look for this barndominium. You will also notice that the grille pattern is similar for the windows and the doors in order to create a seamless, uniform look. 

All in all, this project by Olympia Steel Buildings of Canada has a warm and inviting traditional look. 

Energy-Efficient & Style-Matching Windows for Your Dream Barndominium

Now that we’ve answered the question “what is a barndominium?” and given examples of this unique type of home, are you ready to turn your barndominium dreams into a reality?

You’re going to need energy-efficient, style-matching windows to complete the look of your extraordinary home-to-be — and we’re here to help!

For over 40 years, Clera Windows + Doors has been a leading manufacturer of custom windows. Aside from consistently providing customized, energy-efficient, and stylish windows, our experts are here to help you choose the best possible designs for your home. 

Let’s start dreaming up your ideal barndominium windows. Contact our team today!

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