What is an Egress Window Well?

October 13, 2022



What Is An Egress Window Well - Clera Windows + Doors

An egress window well is specifically designed to let natural light into the lower spaces of a household. On top of that, they serve an even more important purpose as an emergency exit. 

In the event that one would be needing a quick way out of the home, an egress window well allows people and animals to safely climb out of the basement. 

Egress windows are must-haves in basements that are being utilized as living quarters. This is due to the fact that having a backup exit is essential for fire safety.

Let's take a deeper dive into the particulars of egress window wells.

The Elements of An Egress Window Well  

This convenient escape route can usually be found on the first floor or basement level of a household. An egress window is composed of an aluminum lining, a plastic lining, wood, and stone or brick. All these components help prevent the window from eroding. 

The egress window's well drops vertically to the bottom of the structure. They are also larger and more durable than typical window wells. For added convenience, these exit windows also come with built-in ladders or steps that both humans and animals can access with ease.

The Elements Of An Egress Window Well - Clera Windows + Doors

Benefits of An Egress Window

There are multiple benefits that come with having an egress window, and here are the top ones: 

  • Increased safety for you, your family, and your pets. In case of an emergency, such as a fire, everyone can escape unscathed via the egress window. 
  • Improved airflow and natural lighting. Basement-level floors tend to be dark and musty. Having an egress window installed transforms a basement into a livable space filled with proper ventilation and natural lighting.
  • Greater curb appeal for your house. A home that checks off all the boxes in terms of safety instantly increases in value.  

Common Types of Egress Windows

There are a vast range of egress windows available, but here are the most widely used ones:

Sliding Windows

As the name suggests, sliding windows open from side to side. With a similar motion to a sliding door, sliding windows need to be able at least 20 inches wide and 24 inches tall.


Double-hung windows consist of a pair of overlapping sashes across the horizontal middle. The bottom half opening moves upwards, and the top half moves downwards.

Casement Windows

This type of egress window opens inwards or outwards, much like a door on a hinge. Casement windows are operated by a rotating lever or a handle.

How Do I Know If I Need An Egress Window?

If you plan to turn your basement into a more livable area of your home, it is generally required by law that you have an egress window installed. This especially applies if you'll be transforming the basement into a bedroom.

On the other hand, even if you only utilize your basement for storage, you'll need an egress window to let some light and air in. This is particularly important for eliminating the dank and stuffy ambience of the basement. This way, the risks of mould and dust accumulation get reduced exponentially.  

In a nutshell, egress windows are a great addition to any basement that needs an upgrade in terms of safety, lighting, and airflow.

Egress Window - Clera Windows + Doors

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