8 Unique Window Designs from Around the World

November 25, 2019



Unique Window Designs from Around the World - Clera Windows + Doors

Architecture is such a fascinating topic in general, but when you strip it right back and focus on very specific, certain aspects of it, you realise just how specialised, creative and unique each and every detail truly is.

Naturally, since we know all about the best windows in Hamilton, we are curious to see how different cultures and countries have decided to design their windows. What makes them beautiful? What makes them unique? Where can we see these displayed in their natural habitat? Well, we are going to take you on this journey with us so you can see for yourself.

8 Unique Window Designs - Clera Windows + Doors

1. Venice

Starting in Venice — a location known for its incredible architecture and breath-taking designs. The city has accumulated Gothic, Ottoman and Byzantine influences since 400AD and has now combined all of these styles into what we now know to be Venetian Gothic. If you have ever had the pleasure of visiting Venice, you will see these featured in many windows throughout it.

This city showcases windows from all ages, dating back further than you could possibly imagine. They even have a window made from the bottom of glass bottles — is there anything more unique than this?

A tell-tale sign that you have landed in Venice can be seen from the beautifully adorned shuttered windows that are scattered on many of the streets which add to the elegance and romantic vibes of the location.

2. Indonesia

Venturing now to Indonesia — a well-known archipelago known for its awe-inspiring natural landscapes and vibrant culture of the locals who reside there. Beaches, lakes, mountains and building-studded skylines are some of the many wonders to see in Indonesia, but we are particularly interested in one pretty unique window that resides here.

The Guild, built by RAW Architecture (specifically, a man named Realrich Sjarief) comprises massive circle-shaped windows that look out onto a spectacular courtyard. You have to see it to believe it — you will be amazed. Not to mention that Sjarief even made one of them into a window-cross-door hybrid that opens out onto a tranquil water pool. How luxurious!

3. Belgium

For more fantastic windows, Belgium is a must. Besides the canals, chocolate (which, frankly, is reason enough to make this your next destination), belfries, mussels, beers and carnivals, there is a selection of stunning architecture here that should not be missed.

One that stands out in particular is House Berhnheimbeuk which was designed by a firm called Architecten De Vylder Vinck Tailieu. The exterior of this dwelling is covered in grey tiles which overlap slightly yet consistently across the entire build. This doesn’t seem that amazing, does it? However, the architects have left irregular gaps that are used as windows. Just gaps.

No, it does not stop at the walls either — there are gaps in the roof to encourage trees to grow from inside the dwelling.

4. Japan

When most people think of Japan a few things probably spring to mind first — the food, the language, “kawaii”, Hello Kitty, age-old traditions and stunning landscapes. While all of these are wonderful in their own right, the windows (and the buildings in general really) are also very lovely.

A standout design is in the Spiral Window House which was thought up by Alphaville Architects and comprises a set of horizontal windows that are distributed to look like steps ascending the building. Why? It is so the residents can get differing views out over the Yodo River, no matter where they happen to be at the time.

5. Netherlands

As this destination is home to the Van Gogh museum, you know that the Netherlands has a brilliant, vibrant, arty vibe already so it must have windows, doors and everything in between which are creative and inspired. Of course they do!

Gwendolyn Huisman and Marijn Boterman, two architects from this glorious place, designed the SkinnyScar House which presents some pretty funky windows. Not only have they implemented protruding glass cuboids to act as windows, but they also incorporated what is known as ‘hidden’ windows. This means that, rather impressively, they only appear at night.

Netherlands Window Designs - Clera Windows + Doors

6. South Korea

South Korea has 5000 years of diverse culture and history to experience that has been effortlessly transported into the various architectural monuments and buildings seen around this splendid location. Obviously, this blends nicely into the surrounding natural habitats and landscapes, this should go without saying!

One dwelling that sticks out as strikingly unique thanks to its windows is Gablepack which was designed by AND Studio. This building is actually an apartment block which proudly showcases windows that are shaped as houses. Without these, this set of abodes would be somewhat plain, so kudos to the architects who knew that windows make a building great — which is exactly what the best windows in Hamilton do too.

7. Singapore

Singapore is the place to be for the foodies, explorers, collectors, action takers, socialisers and, you guessed it, the architects among us. Fabulous wildlife, breath-taking views, dazzling architecture and fantastic culture combine to make this a destination that should, without a doubt, be on you bucket list.

Formwerkz Architects designed a particularly spectacular building which has innovative windows called the Diamond House. The building is made up of angles upon angles upon angles and so, the windows are the same. Well, we should say window as it is one huge shard of glass that stretches across the whole side of the property.

Aside from the design aspects, its function is actually quite special too. It has been glazed with a tint which shows off its surroundings during the daylight hours, but then gives off a warm glow after dark.

8. Australia

Australia is a popular destination for the British to relocate to when they are seeking sun, surf and fun — oh, the interesting nature, animals and buildings also play a pretty big part in it too.

We don’t blame them — we are not sure who wouldn’t want to after catching a glimpse of Cirqua Apartments which were lovingly designed by BKK Architects. The establishments features 6 huge circular windows that protrude out from the face of the build and allows all the natural light to come flooding in.


The world really is a beautiful place, wouldn’t you agree? And if you’re keen on making your home even more beautiful, why not spice things up with some of the best windows in Hamilton from Clera? Contact us here to get your journey started.

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