4 Great Ideas for Kitchen Window Treatments

May 7, 2014



Great Ideas For Kitchen Window Treatments - Clera Windows + Doors

When choosing the right window treatment for your kitchen windows, it is important to carefully consider several factors. The shape and style of the window itself will play a large role in helping you make your final decision but there are other considerations which should be made before you purchase window coverings for your kitchen.

First, consider how much sun exposure the windows in question receive. Direct sunlight can fade most fabrics as well as raising interior temperatures, dulling finishes, and drying wood. It is important to protect your kitchen from receiving too much direct sunlight by investing in window treatments with protective qualities.

Another important consideration is privacy. If you live on a large plot of land where you cannot see your neighbors from your kitchen window then you may not be very concerned with the thickness of your curtains or other window treatments but for those living in more densely populated areas this can be a large concern. In order to assess the effectiveness of your current window treatments, wait until the sun has set and then turn on the lights in the kitchen and step outside to see how much you can see through the window coverings: It may surprise you!

If you still cannot decide what type of window treatment you want, take a look at these charming kitchens that demonstrate the wide selection of options available to you:

1. Cottage Rustic:

Cottage Rustic Windows - Clera Windows + Doors

These natural cloth curtains are the perfect match for the small herb garden adorning the windowsill and the entire window would look quite at home in any cottage or rustically themed home. Because they allow plenty of sunlight without too much glare, they will keep the kitchen bright but cooler than if it was in direct sunlight.

2. Bistro Chic:

Bistro Inspired Kitchen - Clera Windows + Doors

If you are a fan of old-world style, then this bistro inspired kitchen might be just right for you. Featuring matching chairs and valences, this breakfast nook gets plenty of natural light with a chic and fun look both inviting and traditionally elegant.

3. Perfect Blinds:

Perfect Blinds For Kitchen - Clera Windows + Doors

Not everyone wants to bask in the full light of the sun all day, especially when it is really scorching outside. If you are the type to hide inside with you’re a/c running on hot days than you should opt for blinds which offer full control over the amount of light which can enter your kitchen.

4. Let Your Let Shine:

Great Ideas For Kitchen Window Treatments - Clera Windows + Doors

For something a bit more colorful and a lot more fun, consider using colored plastic sheets to tint the light as it enters. Not much in the way of privacy, these sheets can be used to create amazing light effects that would be perfect for a charming little breakfast nook.

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