Top 10 Interior Design Rules

April 13, 2020


Interior Design

Top 10 Interior Design Rules - Clera Windows + Doors

As with fashion, trends come and go when it comes to interior design. However, there are essential home decorating rules that never go out of style, and that should be observed regardless of what theme you're implementing.

In this article, we’ve identified the top 10 interior design rules from experts that will pave the way to achieving a timeless and tastefully curated beautiful home. Let's delve right in!

Pay Attention to Proportions

Before making a big purchase on a piece of furniture or a decorative piece, it's a smart strategy to come up with a design plan that takes into account the measurement and dimensions of all the pieces. One of the biggest amateur mistakes would be having an item of furniture that appears too big or too small for your space. Make sure that there is a balance among all the items in the room in terms of scale. It can make or break your design.

Pay Attention To Proportions - Clera Windows + Doors

The Secret Is Symmetry

Adhering to symmetry is an old interior design rule that aims to create harmony and balance in everything. The easiest way to implement this in your home is to have two pieces of the same kind. For instance, hang two art frames on a wall side by side.

Let There Be Light

Lighting is a key element in interior decoration. It accentuates all the appealing aspects of your home, brings out the vibrancy in the paint colours and decors, and creates an impression of spaciousness. Ideally, your home should have an abundance of natural light coming through sizable vinyl windows or glass-panelled doors. The benefits of sunlight in the house are astounding.

When it comes to artificial lighting, experts suggest that layering or having more than one source of light can add depth and dimension to any space. To follow this home decorating rule, you need to be creative in incorporating pendant lights, floor lamps, sconces, or chandeliers into your design without making the design appear cluttered.

Let There Be Light - Clera Windows + Doors

Form and Functionality Go Hand-in-Hand

Compromising purpose and functionality for the sake of elegance or style is a big no-no in interior design rules. When deciding if a specific piece is worth buying or not, it always helps to ask yourself first whether it's going to be a useful piece of furniture, and if it fits your lifestyle.

Use the Fireplace as a Focal Point

The fireplace is an exquisite architectural element that always commands attention. It is typically positioned in an area of the room that is prominently seen from various angles. Regardless of whether your fireplace is working or not, do not be like other homeowners who are guilty of breaking interior design rules by covering them up with furniture. Doing so throws off your whole design.

Keep It Comfortable and Livable

Never sacrifice comfort for style. Great interior design is the perfect combination of both. A picture-perfect home that's too high-maintenance is going to be uncomfortable and is an absolute waste of time and money.

Experiment with Textures

Spice up your design by throwing in a variety of textures. Start small by playing around with accent pieces, such as pillows, rugs, and other decorative items. Mix and match wood with metal or fabrics.

Follow Your Heart

Instead of focusing on what's currently trendy, follow your heart and invest only in quality pieces that you love. When you stick to this home decorating rule, you will end loving everything you have at home and items that you will treasure even if they go out of style.

Skip the Rug If You Don't Have the Right Size

Rugs are a visually stimulating way to define specific areas of your home. It especially works wonders in open plans by drawing a line between the living room and dining room. But because good-quality rugs can come with a steep price, homeowners sometimes go against interior design rules and settle using a small and albeit cheaper one.

In a perfect scenario, your rug should be big enough to accommodate all the furniture in an area, for example, the couch and the coffee table in the living room. Designers frown upon getting ill-fitting rugs. But if you insist, you can layer different rugs with prints that match or complement each other. Put the largest one with a plain design in the bottom and arrange the smaller ones around it. Another hack is to push your furniture backward and let the front legs sit on the edge of the rug.

Skip The Rug If You Don't Have The Right Size - Clera Windows + Doors

Hang Your Curtains Properly

Curtains are one of the go-to window treatments by a lot of homeowners. They can provide shade from the scorching heat of the afternoon sun, lend privacy from the prying eyes of outsiders, and transform any room into a warm and welcoming space. But there's a popular interior design rule that many people take for granted when it comes to hanging curtains correctly.

Here are a few dos and don'ts when it comes to curtains:

  • Do not go with a narrow curtain rod. Go for wider options and hang the curtains on either side of the window. It's going to give the illusion that you have a much wider window.
  • Do hang your curtains high. Install your curtain rods closer to the ceiling rather than to the windows to guide the gaze upward and make it appear that you have high ceilings.
  • Don't hang a curtain that is too short in length. Ideally, full-length curtains should fall to the floor a little over an inch. When there's space between the curtain and the floor, it's tacky, awkward, and as if something's missing.

Aside from nailing the proper way of hanging your curtains, getting elegantly designed and excellent-quality windows is also an interior design rule you should never break. Get the best value for your money with impressive products from Clera Windows + Doors.

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