Window Installation: DIY or Professionally Installed?

December 11, 2017


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It’s natural for homeowners to want to practice being handy around the home. Learning to do your own repair and installation jobs could save you money but on the contrary, unless the job is completely seamlessly, it may end up costing you more problems than it solves. So, the question is whether a replacement job is a DIY kind-of-project or are you better off hiring a professional?

Well it depends, if you have years of experience, training, and product knowledge in the window and door industry under your belt, it would certainly be ideal for you install your windows and save on the cost of labour. On the other hand, if you’re relying on DIY window replacement tutorial videos that you found on YouTube, you probably want to reconsider these key points on why it’s important to get your home windows professionally installed

1. They make it look so easy!

Most homeowners that have considered installing their windows have probably skimmed through a few tutorial videos online. They make it look so easy! Well of course, they people making these videos are probably professionals and it doesn’t seem like they encounter any issues along the way, issues they can’t overcome at least. Experienced professionals have all the knick knacks and special tools to be able to navigate around issues that arise after an old window is removed. Which leads us to our next point…

2. Every home is unique

And by this, we’re not just talking about the design of each home. Overtime, homes can undergo the usual “wear and tear” in and around the window frame, some more severe than others such as, moisture damage, poor insulation, mold, and deterioration around the frame. You won’t know exactly what you’re dealing with until your window is removed. If you encounter these issues while you’re installing your own windows, you may need to call in the help of a professional anyway and who knows when their soonest available date could be. Your home could be left exposed to the outdoors until you could get a professional out to your home.

3. Doing it yourself doesn’t mean doing it alone!

If you haven’t had much experience in home renovation projects or if this is the first time you’re installing windows, you’ll need an extra set of hands (or two). The last thing you need is to mishandle you windows and potentially cause more damage. If you aren’t going with professionals, at least work with a friend that knows a thing or two about window installations. This not the kind of job you would want to attempt to pull off on your own!

4. The element of risk involved

How good is your balance when you’re carrying a large, heavy object up a ladder? It sounds a bit forward but essentially, this is just one of the tricky tasks at hand when installing your own window on the second story of your home, With any tricky job, there is the element of risk, not just physical, but also the risk of doing a bad job. A botch installation job can result in errors that cause moisture damage, poor insulation and air leaks. What will likely happen is that you may end up having to call a professional to fix these issues, or have to settle for windows that don’t function properly and that can depreciate the value of your property. There are certain tasks that are safer in the hands of a professional.

5. Protecting your investment

Let’s face it, replacement windows is not a cheap purchase. It is an important decision to move forward with the decision to purchase new windows for your home and there are many benefits to it such as, increasing the value of your home, security, energy-efficiency, comfort, and aesthetic. Protect your investment by having it handled and installed perfectly by professionals who could ensure these windows look and feel brand new for many years to come. Remember, your new windows will only work as well as they are installed.

What may of seemed like a good idea to DIY initially may start feeling like a risky idea once you consider all the intricate details and skills involved. Go the extra mile and get your windows installed quickly and effortlessly by a professional. When you hire professionals, your design options are endless, you won’t need to worry about size, fit, design, and won’t be restricted by whether or not you’re able to install certain window types. Clera Windows and Doors offers their customers an opportunity to meet with professional design engineers who will guide you through the entire process from design, customizations, and installation. Choosing windows would be the only challenge, which for most people is actually the fun part! Leave the nitty gritty details to the professionals. Think of this way, a job that might take you a couple days could possibly be completed within hours by a professional. You won’t regret it when you’re sipping on your morning coffee and enjoying the view from your brand new windows!

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