What's The Best Season To Replace My Windows And Doors?

July 26, 2022



The Best Season To Replace My Windows And Doors - Clera Windows + Doors

The best time to replace windows and doors is during the spring, early summer, or early fall.  On the other hand, off seasons like the winter can provide homeowners more cost savings because window manufacturing companies will often run promotions for this time of the year.

If you’re still deciding when to replace windows or doors in your home, here is a list of all the factors that you need to consider.

The Best Time To Install Windows Or Doors - Clera Windows + Doors

The Best Time to Install Windows or Doors In Terms of Comfortability

Although professional window and door installers are very mindful of limiting the exposure of your home to the outdoors, it’s inevitable that the outside air will come through your home while the replacement is ongoing. For this reason, spring, early summer, or early autumn is the best time to install windows and doors comfortably.

The Best Time to Replace Windows or Doors In Terms of Cost Savings

Discounts and deals can appear during any season. However, discounts for windows or doors are more common during the winter months. So if you’ve been thinking of getting windows or doors replaced during winter, discounts are something you can look forward to—even if the season is not ideal in terms of comfort.

Best Time To Replace Windows Or Doors In Terms Of Cost Savings - Clera Windows + Doors

When to Replace Windows and Doors with Minimal Scheduling Competition

Many homeowners prefer to have windows and doors replaced during spring or early summer.

But for those who want to avoid the harsh weather conditions as much as possible, there is usually a brief lull during the end of August when many families are busy with back-to-school preparations or are on family vacations before school starts. This is the best time to replace windows or doors because the weather is still comfortable and there is generally far less competition.

During this time, window replacement companies are often a lot less busy than the rest of the summer and are likely more flexible with their availability.

3 Winter Window or Door Installation Considerations

 1. There is a Minimum Temperature Threshold

Construction projects don’t necessarily stop during the winter season, so neither do smaller projects like window or door replacements. However, when the temperatures dip below the minimum threshold, it will be nearly impossible to install windows or doors effectively.

So how cold is too cold for window installation or door installation? The typical minimum threshold for such projects is -10º C. Anything lower than this temperature will pose problems for caulking, which is needed for both window and door installation.

If we’re only considering the effectiveness of caulking, there are certain products designed to perform well even at temperatures like -29º C. However, this isn’t the only consideration.

 2. The Foundation of Homes Shifts and Shrink in Colder Weather

In colder weather, the cracks in your home’s foundation become exposed, which could make the installation of your new windows slightly more complex. Experienced professionals will know how to navigate around any challenges and still be able to successfully install new windows—but it requires specialized skills and tools. In some cases, it would require additional labour.

The Foundation Of Homes Shifts & Shrink In Colder Weather - Clera Windows + Doors

 3. Additional Installation Precautions

If you need to or choose to get windows or doors replaced during winter, here are some added precautions and tips to keep in mind:

  • Check that your contractor uses silicone-based caulk rather than latex or acrylic. Not only will this material adhere to the window more effectively in colder temperatures, but it’s also a great choice for waterproofing.
  • Try to book a schedule for morning installation. This will give the materials a chance to warm up and expand.
  • Ask your installer if they could work on one window or door at a time. This helps keep your home from becoming a total icebox through the process.
  • Close some interior doors that lead to the space where installation is ongoing. This helps to limit the exposure to just one part of your home and keeps the rest of your home as warm as possible.
  • Plan a visit to friends or family during the time of installation. By doing so, you can come home to newly installed windows without having to deal with the cold drafts while the contractors are working.

Hassle-Free Window or Door Replacement with Clera Windows + Doors

This wraps up our article on the best time to replace windows and doors. The best time to install windows and doors is truly a matter of preference, considering factors like scheduling availability, comfort, and ongoing promotions.

If you’re thinking of getting new windows and doors, we recommend scheduling as early as possible to make sure that you get a convenient time slot.

You can look forward to a hassle-free window and door replacement experience with Clera Windows + Doors. We are a trusted manufacturer and installer of durable, stylish, and energy-efficient windows and doors.

If you have questions about when to replace windows or doors, contact us today! You can also take the first step by scheduling a FREE in-home consultation!

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