Which Windows Are Best For Natural Ventilation?

June 25, 2019



Which Windows Are Best For Natural Ventilation - Clera Windows + Doors

For homeowners, properly ventilating a space is incredibly important! Natural ventilation can help to get the scent of burnt toast out of your home before the smoke alarm goes off, or simply give your home an airy, breezy feel.

Choosing the right style of window can maximize the amount of air entering your home, quickly changing the air and oxygenating your home for a fresher feel. If you happen to be in the market for a new or replacement windows in Toronto, our team has designed top of the line products that both maximize light and ventilation. If you’re worried about the aesthetic or curb appeal of your home, we’ve designed our windows with that in mind--all your visitors and neighbours will be complimenting your stylish windows.

Continue reading to discover the best window styles for natural ventilation!

Awning Windows

To bring fresh air into your home, awning windows are one of the best, if not the best window style!

These windows swing out from the bottom, creating properly ventilated spaces--even when it’s snowing or raining (we all know that this is a common occurrence in Canada) Awning windows are unique compared to other window style in that they are also a popular choice for basements. They’re easy to install up high on walls, and operate just by turning the crank handle.

Awning windows are designed with large glass paneling to maximize the light entering your home. If you’re currently shopping around for an awning window, try to source a window with energy advantage hard coat low emissivity glass as it’s best suited to Canadian temperatures Why not save on your energy bill while enjoying your bright and light homebased?

For those renovating bathroom spaces, you can easily ventilate post-shower steam by swinging open your awning window. Clera products are an excellent choice as we offer wet glazed windows with a co-extruded exterior seal for maximum leak protection and structural integrity. Lastly, our awning windows use a compression seal that enables the window seal to be airtight, creating minimal heat loss.

Awning Windows For Natural Ventilation - Clera Windows + Doors

Double Or Single Slider Tilt Windows

The look of these windows are relatively traditional, and are ideal for locations that require a low-installed opening mechanisms without sacrificing ventilation and natural light. Double or single slider tilt windows are developed with one or two casement windows that slide easily from one side to the other. This style of window removes the possibility of interfering with outdoor features such as landscaping or driveways by actually tilting inwards for better ventilation. Double or single slider title windows are ideal for kids rooms as they offer enhanced safety.

We are proud to offer one of the most all-encompassing ranges of double and single slider tilt windows in Toronto. Given that we are Canadian manufacturers, all our products are built with the northern climate in mind, offering enhanced energy protection and efficiency from harsh winters. The security latches provide peace of mind, with stell (not plastic) locks and latches for high durability and longevity.

Casement Windows

Casement Windows are an ideal choice for tight spaces.

This style of window can be short in terms of width, but offer tall lengths and therefore hold the power to make rooms appear to have beautiful, high ceilings. Casement windows are a great option for families as they are the best for easy use and ventilation, thanks to its design with a hinged sash swinging outwards (just like a door). The crank handle feature makes it easy as 1-2-3 to operate. A secondary reason for this window being popular amongst family homes is that it consists of a number of security and locking devices, including a built-in “snubber” that keeps the hinge tight. If you happen to be the indecisive type, this is the window for you as the shape of casement windows are timeless and suit any period or style of home.

Double Hung Tilt Windows

Similar to Casement Windows, double hung tilt windows are long and tall windows but not typically wide.

These windows are a popular choice for windows in Toronto due to its “smart” features and easy-to-use functionality, including an impressive tilt-in feature (just like slider tilt windows) Tilt-in features enable the glass panels to move inwards, letting fresh air indoors and ultimately allowing you to easily clean your windows without having deal with the hassle of climbing ladders to wipe away dust and dirt.

The most popular area within the home for double hung tilt windows to be installed is in bedrooms and living rooms. A significant advantage of this window style is that they’re efficient in tight spaces but offer a beautiful look. You can even create a window seat under double hung tilt windows to divide a living room into designated areas and subsequently create the overall illusion of a larger living space!

End Vent Slider Windows

If you’re seeking out the best in both natural light and ventilation, end vent slider windows could be the perfect choice for you.

End vent slider windows are developed with three separate panes of glass to create increased levels of light and visibility. For effective cross ventilation and ease of use, the two side sashes slide towards the middle of the window. This window style opens inward making them perfect for buildings where outdoor elements could easily interfere with outward swinging fixtures (such as landscaping or passersby).

We hope our guide to the best windows for natural ventilation served to be useful in making a decisive choice on new or replacement windows in Toronto! If you’re looking to work with one of Canada’s most reputable window manufacturers, contact Clera windows today.

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