5 Benefits Of Awning Windows

December 31, 2015



 Benefits Of Awning Windows - Clera Windows + Doors

If you’re looking to replace your worn windows, you might get torn between the array of options presented to you. Besides looking great, awning windows can provide a number of other benefits to you and your house. Here are some of them!

  1. Curb appeal

    Awning windows is an easy but perfect way of enhancing your house’s architectural design. Since they come in a wide range of styles and patterns, you can go for an option that will perfectly match the décor and design you’re trying to incorporate.

  2. Energy saving

    Energy conservation is a hot topic right now. If you’re looking for a way to significantly save energy, and in an ecofriendly way, replacing your current windows with energy efficient alternatives could be a great start. Awning windows are available in double and triple panes and will help reduce your energy costs, and save you some money. To amp up the energy-efficiency of windows even further, look for window frames made out of fiberglass or vinyl as well as low-e coatings. In addition, ensure that your windows are certified by Energy Star. This alone can result in a 12 percent reduction on your energy bills, and will greatly reduce your home’s carbon footprint. For more information on Energy Star, click here

  3. Easy to use

    Older windows are typically difficult to open and close. Awning windows have been designed with this issue in mind. They are downright easy to operate, and most often a hand crank is enough to open the panels. Yes, turn and crank, and you’re done.

  4. Ventilation

    An awning window ventilation to your house and reduces obstruction of view to the outside world. Sure, a picture window could offer the same benefit of awesome view of the outdoors, but won’t provide enough ventilation. It’s an added advantage from awning windows.

    An awning window can be installed at the top of a fixed window or at the bottom. Your eye will be drawn to the middle of the fixed window part of the frame, and you’ll still have your room well-ventilated with fresh air.

  5. Protection from the elements

    Awning windows can be a great idea if you have landscaping at the edges of your house, right below the windows. You may have a gutter system but you can’t bank on it to save your greenery from a serious downpour. To prevent water from building up in shrubs and flowers and damaging any landscaping items below the windows, awning windows can help divert the drops and disperse the rain more evenly.

Awning windows are another consideration the next time you’re planning to replace the old windows in your home.

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