How to Increase Natural Light

July 24, 2019



How To Increase Natural Light - Clera Windows + Doors

With summertime officially here, that means the sun will be shining brightly for the next few months. Natural light is the key to making your home feel brighter and more open, not to mention the positive effects it has on your mental wellbeing and health.

There is so much you can do to increase the amount of natural light in your home, from changing the design of your interiors to installing replacement windows. Now is the perfect time to implement some changes in your home in order to maximize the amount of natural light your home gets.

Maximizing The Amount Of Natural Light Your Home - Clera Windows + Doors

Decorate with Mirrors & Shiny Objects

Hanging or placing a mirror across from a window can double the amount of natural sunlight in a room. You can use other shiny objects in your home decorating in order to achieve the same effect. Furniture pieces made from glass, chrome or metals are a great option, as well as metallic lighting fixtures and other accents like faucets. These decorative pieces will bounce sunlight around a room and brighten up your space.

Lighter Window Treatments

While heavy, blackout curtains are a great option for your bedroom in order to get great sleep, you definitely don’t want to use them in other spaces of your home. Light, airy sheers are a great way to get the privacy you want while still letting natural light into your space even when they are shut. Blinds are another favourite option as they allow for you to control the amount of light let in.

Use Reflective Tiles

Using glass tiles in your kitchen and bathrooms can reflect more light throughout the room than traditional ceramic tiles. Additionally, recycled glass tiles are better for the environment, are stain resistant and protect against mould, which can have serious health consequences on you and your family.

Install Larger Windows

This is probably the tip that makes the most sense. Advancements in window and door manufacturing allow for bigger exposed glass surfaces to let more light in. If you’re looking to increase the amount of natural sunlight in your home, it’s time to get some replacement windows. Clera has a wide selection of windows that you can choose from! Check out our list of the best windows for maximizing natural light.

Add Skylights

When replacement windows aren’t an option, a skylight can be a fun choice! If you have a windowless space in your home that is in dire need of some natural light, skylights are a unique and effective way to do so. While they might be costly, they are an investment as they can actually lead to reducing your electricity bill in the long run.

Add Skylights For Increase Natural Light - Clera Windows + Doors

Install A Different Door

Just like replacement windows are a great option to let in more natural light, so are replacement doors. Heavy, solid exterior doors can block any potential light from finding it’s way inside. Installing new exterior doors with bigger windows will let the sunshine pour in, transforming any space into a sunroom. Plus it’s the perfect way to light your foyer without having to use electricity.

Clean Your Windows

While this suggestion might seem obvious, giving your windows a thorough cleaning can help a lot! You would be surprised by how much sunlight can actually be blocked by the buildup of grime. However, if your old windows are beyond cleaning and there are signs of water damage, it’s time for some replacement windows.

Trim Trees & Plants

Although landscaping and trees will definitely improve your home’s curb appeal, if any greenery is left unchecked, its growth will lessen the amount of light allowed indoors. Take the time to trim any tree branches, shrubs or other greenery that has grown to block your windows and doors. You might want to even think about replacing overgrown plants with low-lying perennials to keep your views unobstructed and the natural light pouring in all year round.color

Choose the Right Colour Palette

Choosing the right colour palette can make the difference between your home feeling light and airy or dark and dreary. Whereas darker colours will absorb light, lighter colours act like a mirror to reflect it. When painting your walls and ceiling, use a lighter, brighter paint colour like white, light tan or light grey to give your room the sunshine boost it needs.

Paint Your Eaves

Overhangs are designed to add a little more protection when bad weather comes around but on bright, sunny days they can stop that much-needed sunlight from coming in. To increase natural light in every room of your home, there are two things that you can do. You can either paint the eaves white or install a white, aluminum or vinyl. Now, sunlight will be reflected into your home.

We hope our 10 top tips to improve the amount of natural light in your home was helpful! If you are looking for replacement windows and doors, feel free to contact us. Our wide selection will surely have what you are looking for.

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