3 New Creative Ways to Upcycle Your Old Windows

August 26, 2015


Interior Design

Creative Ways To Upcycle Your Old Windows - Clera Windows + Doors

There’s one question you’ll be left with when you replace your home’s windows: “What do I do with the old ones?”

Now that you’re enjoying new energy-efficient and better-looking windows, you have an opportunity to come up with some creative ways to upcycle your old ones.

Although it may not appear that there’s much you can do, old windows can easily be converted into works of art or furniture for your home.

The following are just some unique ways to upcycle old windows and give your home a new look.

1. Turn Old Windows Into Art

With just a few common household items and a little creativity, you can turn your old windows into beautiful works of art to enhance the look of your home.

If you have some decorative wrapping paper or wallpaper stored somewhere, these can be great complements to old window frames.

Cut out pieces that you can paste to the backside of the glass. The window’s frame provides a great contrast to a variety of colours and patterns.

Did you replace multiple windows at once? You can use all of your old ones to create a wall gallery of frames. Wooden window frames can be painted and combined to give any wall in your home a new look.

Old windows also work as photo frames. Find photos that you can resize to match the glass panes of an old window frame for an instant photo collage.

2. Decorate Your Bedroom

Old windows can be converted into items for your bedroom. The local hardware store will be full of hanging hooks that can be attached to old window frames. These make great pieces for hanging coats or other personal items.

Does your bed need a headboard? Consider using a large old window (or combining many small ones) to create an unconventional yet stylish headboard. This alone can change the look of your entire bedroom.

You can build new furniture from old windows. By combining 4 pieces into a case, you can create a storage space for your jewelry or keepsakes.

3. New Living Room Decor

Old windows can also be used in your living room. They can be converted into a stylish and functional table top. This works great for coffee tables and you can store and present your elegant books underneath.

If you have a green thumb, consider using old windows to build a terrarium where you can grow beautiful plants indoors.

If you don’t have your old windows anymore, but find yourself inspired by these creative ways to upcycle them, look for old windows at furniture resale shops or garage sales.

Antique stores often carry old windows that you might not find anywhere else. Use these creative upcycle ideas to give your home a new look with minimal investment.

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