15 Ways To Upcycle Your Old Window Panes

June 13, 2016


Home Improvement

15 Ways To Upcycle Your Old Window Panes - Clera Windows + Doors

If you happen to find yourself with old window panes, don’t throw them out. Window panes are great for creating everything from wall hangings to coffee tables.

Here are 15 ways to
upcycle your old window panes:

  1. Mirror:Take your old window panes and turn them into mirrors. You can do this by purchasing mirrored glass and inserting it between the panes. Because of the way the panes break up the mirror, it can create a very unique look. Hang your new mirror in any room or use it as a statement piece in your hallway or vestibule.
  2. Wall hanging:Art doesn’t have to be bought, it can be made. Turn your old window panes into works of art by adding colour and designs. Paint the glass and voila, you have a decorative piece for your home.
  3. Coat hanger:Instead of buying a traditional coat rack use a window pane. Glue hangers to the pane and hang it near your front door. You can also hang it on a closet or bathroom door to hang towels, bathrobes, etc.
  4. Headboard:Looking to jazz up your bedroom? Replace your old headboard with a custom new one made out of window panes. If you don’t have a headboard, now’s the time to make one. You can paint it any colour, add designs to match your bedroom’s theme, and if your old pane is big enough, you don’t even have to hang it on the wall. You can simply place it behind the bed.
  5. Picture frame:There are many ways to convert an old window pane into a picture frame. You can glue your photos onto the panes or you can slip them in between the glass. Or, you can have a picture blown up to the size of the entire frame. The panes will break up the picture (like with idea #1 for the mirror) to create a unique look. You can hang your new frame anywhere or add a stand (depending on the size) and place it on a desk or shelf.
  6. Planter box:Depending on how many old panes you have, you can glue some together to make a planter’s box. This can be hung inside, outside or placed on a windowsill. You can even use it to grow fresh herbs. Just ensure that wherever you put the planter box gets enough light so that what’s inside is able to flourish.
  7. Coffee table:Turn old window panes into a new coffee table. You will need to purchase legs or if you have extra panes you can glue them together. The great thing about turning a window pane into a coffee table is that it’s easy and you can paint it to match the room’s aesthetic.
  8. Jewellery organizer:Each pane can be used to store a different type of jewellery; one for earrings, one for bracelets, one for gold, one for silver, etc.
  9. Storage box:This is like a jewellery organizer but with a lid. You can use this box to store arts and crafts materials, sewing equipment like needles and thread, spices - basically anything!
  10. Serving tray:Bring iced tea to your guests on an upcycled window pane. Turning an old pane into a serving tray is easy. All you have to do is decide if you want to leave it as is or paint it, add handles to either side, and you’re done!
  11. Chalkboard/calendar:An old window pane can be transformed into a hanging to-do list, calendar or chalkboard. You will need chalkboard paint which you can buy at any hardware store; added bonus, it comes in a spray can for ease of use. Or you can use washable markers to write on the panes.
  12. Clock:You can buy a cheap clock and affix it to the pane. Or, paint numbers on to the panes and use the hands, mechanisms and battery from an old clock you have lying around.
  13. Board:Replace the glass in your panes with pieces of pegboard or cork board and hang it in your kitchen. Now you can pin pictures, recipes, take-out menus or create your own Pinterest board for your bedroom. These also make great decorations for kids’ rooms and you can pin the ribbons and medals they get when they win the science fair or soccer tournaments.
  14. Room divider:If you have access to an abundance of old window panes, stack them together to make a room divider. In order to complete this project you will need glue, legs or wheels. Wheels are probably the easiest since they will allow you to move the divider without a hassle. However, if you are simply using this room divider as a decorative piece, legs will do just fine.
  15. Shelf:Add a piece of wood to your old window pane to make a shelf. Hang it up by the front door and you have a place to put your keys.

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