What Are the Best Patio Doors for Canadian Winters?

November 17, 2022



The Best Patio Doors For Canadian Winters - Clera Windows + Doors

Choosing the right patio door for the Canadian climate can be a challenge. With extreme highs and lows and an increase in more dangerous weather conditions, Canadians are looking to outfit their homes with the safest, most durable option when it comes to patio doors.

In this article, we’ll dive into the best patio doors that can withstand the harsh Canadian climate—from below-freezing temperatures in February, to scorching hot in July.

The Best Patio Doors for Cold Weather

We understand the challenge of finding the best patio doors for cold weather, so we made this guide to help you in your search! If you want to make sure your patio doors can beat Canadian weather extremes, consider checking outdoors with these four features.

The Best Patio Doors For Cold Weather - Clera Windows + Doors

1. High Energy Performance Ratings

Doors with high energy performance ratings are designed to insulate homes not only from extreme cold, but also from intense heat.

Energy-efficient doors act like thermal barriers to help maintain a comfortable temperature inside the home and save you money on energy bills by reducing your energy requirements for cooling or heating.

If you prefer glass sliding doors, opt for double or triple-paned (glazed) glass doors. These glass doors are impregnated with gas in between the glass layers to help reduce heat transmission and improve indoor insulation by up to 60%. This means that in the harsh Canadian winters with blowing snow and high wind speeds, the cold, unwanted weather isn’t going to find itself in your home.

As an added benefit, the multiple glazing also helps dampen sound vibrations and serve as a buffer against traffic noise (or your neighbour’s loud music).

2. Air, Water, Wind and Burglar-Resistance

If you notice your doors creaking during winter, it’s time to upgrade to something more weather-resistant.

During winter, cold weather may cause regular doors to soak up moisture and expand, or to shrink and warp, which can lead to them getting stuck or refusing to fully close. 

A door that gives in to bad weather not only invites sickness into the home, it also poses a security risk. 

The best patio doors for cold weather offer great protection from water, wind load and forced entry. Choosing doors that are highly rated for air tightness and water resistance are able to maintain their shape and durability for longer and keep your home cozy and warm all winter. 

High-quality weather-resistant doors also feature robust security features like double-point locking mechanisms, steel reinforcements and rust-proof key locks that will keep intruders out all year long. 

3. Maintenance-Free and Made with Vinyl

If you like sleek-looking doors, French-style vinyl gliding doors are some of the best patio doors you can get. 

If you’re worried about air leaks making your home uncomfortable during the colder months, choose double-paned sliding patio doors built with air-tight seals and gaskets. Sealed seams and built-in weatherstripping will effectively keep cold air out and also help prevent water damage due to condensation, rain or ice melting.

With weatherproof frames, insulated glass and no hinges that can get loose or break during extreme cold, vinyl gliding doors are better adapted to extreme and changing temperatures. 

They are also rust, mould and stain-proof, making them virtually maintenance-free, whatever the season. 

Some models also feature integrated blinds that offer privacy without needing extra care as the blinds are installed in between layers of glass. Trust us, you’ll love this feature if you live with pets who like climbing up walls and doors. But if you’re not a fan of these covers, you can choose to have your gliding French doors fitted with insulated textured glass instead, for a cleaner look and easier maintenance.

Maintenance-Free And Made With Vinyl - Clera Windows + Doors

4. Made of Low-Emissivity Materials

Do you get a whiff of a synthetic, headache-inducing odour coming off your door during extreme temperatures?

Some doors are made with compounds that can react to both heat and cold and release toxic fumes into the air. 

Constant exposure to these fumes is not only uncomfortable, these vapours are known to cause health issues and may even be carcinogenic.

Choosing doors made of low emissivity materials can help keep your family and pets healthy, so make sure you check the labels and speak with a professional manufacturer before you decide.

Stay Warm with Clera’s High-Quality Patio Doors

Clera Windows + Doors has a wide selection of high-quality patio doors made to meet both the aesthetic and functional demands of the modern Canadian family.

Our Pilkington Low-E glass technology promotes energy-efficiency at home, and aluminum seals, gaskets and hook-over mechanisms all ensure proper insulation and security.

If you’re searching for the best patio doors for cold weather, call us or leave a message and our Clera consultants will be happy to help you make the best choice for your home and your budget.

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