How To Recycle Old Windows And Doors For Modern Interior Design

January 4, 2016



Recycle Old Windows For Modern Interior Design - Clera Windows + Doors

If you want to personalize your living space and make it feel homey without breaking the bank, there are so many ways to revamp it. If you practice the 3 R’s: reduce, reuse and recycle – you might be onto something worthwhile. If you reuse and recycle wood doors and windows, you can help to create fresh interesting looks that can transform your items and your space.

Modern interior design is really big on recycling the old and making them into new luxurious pieces – here are two examples of recycled goods:

Home Decorating with a Winter Feel

Salvaged wood can be a cozy, stylish accent that adds texture and rustic flare to your home. Brand new wood-framed doors and windows can be costly, but by using the salvaged varieties, you are able to lend a warm and classic look to your space at less cost.

Try repurposing these items as furniture, room dividers, decor accessories, crafts and decorations. You can also use these doors and windows as unique shelving units, cabinets, tables, headboards for your bed. and other items that spice up your space. With proper maintenance, these items that you create can last forever.

Before getting started with any reclaimed wood, you want to make sure to do the following:

  • Remove any nails from the wood
  • Sand the entire board
  • If there’s any paint left on the wood, you want to cut it off and throw it away (old paint may be lead based, which can have health risks)
  • Apply a wax finish to protect and to keep the wood looking like it’s been untreated

Find a quality salvage wood warehouse or speak with an expert to make sure that your wood is ready to be used.

Coffee table with a view

If you want to give salvaged windows new life, there are so many cool design options to choose from. The beautiful coffee table in the photo above provides you with such a unique and timeless look. Plus, you can add a shadow box and use the inside of the table as storage for magazines, books and much more. By personalizing this project, you are adding your very own style and feel to these items – check out this coffee table project to get a few ideas for your home.

These projects have the added appeal of being eco-friendly. You aren’t only helping the environment by reducing waste, you are creating efficient and elegant looks that work with your budget.

This is an ideal project for anyone looking to replace the old windows in their home and anticipate having a supply of beautiful old wood frames. As for the replacement windows, we offer a variety of styles, price points and energy efficient options for your home.

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