Are Key FOBs as Safe as Locks?

October 2, 2014



Key Fobs Vs Traditional Locks - Clera Windows + Doors

Electronically operated lock apps sound like something in a science fiction novel. But thanks to the acceleration of electronic development, they have now become a part of our everyday reality- FOBs are everywhere from apartment locks to office front entrances to car door security locks.

The convenience of flashing a magic wand to open a door is definitely appealing, but are apps that unlock doors really all that safe?


Probably the best thing about a FOB are the convenience. You never have to worry about fumbling around with a set of keys to find the right one, or waste time jiggling the key around its hole to find that perfect sweet spot. One flash of your electronic ‘key’ and you’re good to go. The information on FOBs can be quickly changed to protect the security of many people (as in an office or apartment building setting) as the coding on the key is controlled wirelessly. Electronic keys don’t require specialized equipment to make copies, and they remove the risk of break-ins through picking locks.


As with every advancement in technology, FOBs also have some cons. First of all, the information on the key isn’t impossible to hack into and could be dangerous if in the hands of the wrong person. Second, FOBs rely entirely on electricity. If there is a power outage and you don’t have access to a generator, you could be locked out of your home for as long as the outage lasts for. Because the information is so easily changed, you want to make sure the people you live and work aren’t the kind of people that would change the electronic locks if you got into a disagreement. Finally, if your key is ruined due to water or physical damage, it might be a while before you get back into your office, apartment, or vehicle.


After weighing the pros and cons, it seems that the only real plus of using an electronic key is that it looks cool and is somewhat more convenient if you have a lot of keys on your chain. In the end, a key is a key, and if someone wants to break into your apartment that badly, they can still go the traditional route of breaking a window- something neither your FOB or your key can protect you from. Fortunately with the help of sturdy windows, you can double up on your home security!

If you’re looking at getting a new home or car, focusing on the kind of key should be your last worry. Both have their advantages and disadvantages, so this one boils down to personal preference!

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