10 Ways to Use Round Windows in Home Architecture

February 25, 2020



Use Round Windows in Home Architecture - Clera Windows + Doors

You have probably only seen round glass windows in the dreamily rustic houses of hobbits like Frodo and Bilbo Baggins, fictional characters who have come to life from the film adaptations of J.R.R. Tolkien’s iconic novels like Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit. But beyond its whimsical appeal, did you know that round windows can also be functional in modern houses, too?

In this article, we will discuss everything you need to know about round glass windows, from where they were originally used to the advantages and disadvantages of having this type of vinyl window. We have also listed down 20 beautiful ideas on how to use round glass windows for home architecture.

Let’s get started!

Round Windows, The Origin Story

Porthole windows, which can also be called bull’s eye windows, are a standard issue for most ships and boats. It is the circular-shaped windows that are located in the hull of sea vessels. It features a glass disk, known as the portlight, surrounded by a metal frame with bolts to secure it tightly. When these round glass windows are shut, they are made to efficiently seal the hull and protect it from water, winds, rain, and other nasty weather elements. Aside from efficiently sealing off and making the ship water-tight, air-tight, and weather-tight as you please, porthole windows can also block sunlight when needed.

Despite its nautical origin, round windows have also been seen in a lot designs for armored vehicles, aircrafts, spacecrafts, automobiles, and even in residential homes.

The Benefits of Round Glass Windows

Believe it or not, getting round glass windows for your home can have several amazing perks. They include some of the following:

  • A well-placed round window a nautical or whimsical characteristic to your home.
  • It immediately gives your home a unique quality that you can be proud about
  • While they have that old world charm, round glass windows can also fit perfectly in contemporary home architectural designs
  • It ushers in an abundance of natural light even in areas where curtains are drawn
  • A round glass window serves as a creative technique to beautifully frame outdoor sceneries, which works anywhere from blooming flower gardens, verdant forests, rolling hills, snow-capped mountains, vivid cityscapes, or picturesque seascape views.
  • It is an excellent way to get access to light and fresh air in rooms that have limited wall space or that are awkwardly shaped.

The Downside of Round Windows

On the contrary, having round glass windows at home can also come with a couple of disadvantages. For instance, there can be limited options when it comes to available opening mechanisms and window treatments for this type of specialty shaped vinyl window, which means you’d have to get everything custom made. Moreover, for fixed round windows that cannot be opened, they would obviously be useless in terms of letting cool breeze in.

10 Ways to Use Round Windows at Home

With a gorgeous design and a well-thought of placement, round glass windows can be the focal point of any room imaginable. You will be amazed about the endless possibilities that you can achieve with round windows as your main design element as long as you do not put a cap on your creativity.

Typically, small round windows are used in addition to other regular-sized rectangular vinyl windows. Dramatic, large, round glass windows, on the other hand, can be sufficient enough as a standalone window in small to medium-sized living spaces. Aside from plain glass, round windows can also be designed with elaborate metal frames. If you love Victorian Gothic art and architecture, you can also ask a reputable window manufacturer, such as Clera Windows, for a customized rose window for your home.

As mentioned above, these windows have low space requirements, making it possible to fit them in every room around the house. Here are some round window ideas that we love.

Round Windows At Home - Clera Windows + Doors

1. Bathrooms

Make your bathroom go from boring to bold with huge round glass windows positioned just above your immaculate clawfoot tub.

2. Staircases

Round windows can be a clever energy-efficient strategy when positioned in staircases. During the day, it would be flooded with lots of natural light reducing the need to switch on the lights.

3. Attic

A hassle-free solution to small spaces, round glass windows also make delightful attic windows.

4. Kitchen

Blessed with, say, refreshing views of the herb garden outside, a porthole window just above the sink or the stove would be such a visual treat to the busy homemaker.

5. Gable

Add another source of light into your living space or bedroom by having a small round window on the gables of your house. The gable is the tiny triangular area between the roofs of the house.

6. Bedrooms

What better way to make the dreams you have at night even more magical by having large round glass windows inside your bedroom as well. Whether you are going for classic or contemporary, Clera Windows would have something for you.

7. Living Room

An expansive circular window for the living room situated above the couch gives the illusion that the of a hanging wall art.

8. Children's Rooms

Whether you’re thinking about the nursery or the play area for your little ones, a round window will surely make them giggle with glee. It’s a smart way to introduce them to the concept of basic shapes early on.

9. Reading Nooks

Imagine how wonderful it must feel to be sitting in a cozy nook with a book tuck between your legs with big round glass windows offering sweeping views of the garden or the sea.

10. Doors with Round Windows

Adding a little round window to your front door is another intelligent way to get lots of sunshine indoors. If you adore Tolkien’s hobbit houses, this is a subtle way to incorporate it into your home.

Uniquely Shaped Windows

Clera Windows + Doors offer excellent-quality round glass windows and other specialty shape vinyl windows. These custom designs are made with Hydraglass 50™ warm edge technology on the SuperSpacer® platform and other notable features. Clera Windows + Doors can take care of everything for you, from manufacturing, installation, and after-sales services. To schedule a free consultation, feel free to contact us today! A Clera representative will get in touch with you shortly.

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